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Self taught Jewellery Designer presents her inspirational work

We love finding new and inspirational designers here at Jewellery Monthly and being big twitter users over @jewelrymonthly I was introduced to Susanna’s work by a chance RT which led me to browse her website and collections.  What captured me first was the unusual style of the designs;  rough and unpolished surfaces providing a welcome break from the smooth, unblemished finishes we have become accustomed to. Some set with Diamonds, colourful gemstones or pearls, others left to cast your eyes or fingers along their rugged, weathered surfaces. A visual treat for any jewellery fan.

Edinburgh based Jeweller, Susanna explains that

“All my pieces are handmade and one-off pieces, usually using silver and gold combinations. In one of my latest collections ARRESTING I also include bronze, copper and brass”

Susanna Hanl Jewellery Design
With no formal training, Susanna is entirely self-taught which I find even more inspirational. The quality of her work, photography and knowledge of her craft is that of a well practised artist.
Susanna talks with passion about her collections: “For the RIVDA collection I try to use unusual stones to make the rings truly unique, the MISU collection features diamonds, pearls and precious and semi-precious stones. I love special commissions and try to source stones for customers, or use their own and rework old, unloved pieces. Apart from bold statement pieces, I also have easy to wear collections such as BLOBS and NUGGET

Susanna Hanl Jewellery

Susanna’s work speaks for itself.  Her designs stand out from the crowd, offering a beautiful array of considered designs with imperfections that only add to the quality and uniqueness of her work.

Browse Susanna’s online store at: and buy something new today.


All images and media provided with thanks from Susanna Hanl who holds full copyright to their use and distribution. Images edited by Jewellery monthly.

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