Jewellery Fashion Colour Trends for Winter.


Inspire Yourself with PRECIOSA & Pantone Colour Trends for Forget the dreary winter shades of grey and black! Fall and winter 2015 – 16, as presented by PRECIOSA and Pantone, is first and foremost about colour. Their latest joint colour trend forecast for fashion accessories is full of muted, yet strong and surprisingly colourful combinations.


This colour forecast once again combines Pantone’s textile trends with the corresponding shades of PRECIOSA Crystal Components for jewellery and textile, including the premium MAXIMA, that are available in the Fall/Winter 2015-16 colours.

Though the four Fall/Winter 2015 – 16 palettes are based primarily on cool and subtle wintery shades, they are brought to life with splashes of bright, cheerful tones.



The sparkling magical beauty of this palette is just waiting to be touched. Only winter can create such a sensation. On the one hand you’ll be enthralled with its brilliant sparkle, on the other by its opalescent glow. The Touched palette is characterized by its deep silvery overtones, its charming elegance and delicate winter splendour. This colour combination consists of green Chrysolite and Jonquil hues, and gray wintery tones of Viridian Crystal and Jet Hematite coatings.



This simple and soft palette of muted colors reflects nature’s quiet strength. It’s blushing modesty envelopes the earth in delicate tones, while deep shades underline the peaceful and perfect intermingling of dark and light. The palette is grounded in the light plum tones of Light Peach and rounded out with charming Rose Opal, the rich wine Burgundy and the golden Crystal Starlight Gold décor.



You will be admired wherever you go in this palette. The frequent transformations and forms it takes on are not unlike a tropical cocktail, adding an unexpected splash to winter accessories. As the bright Topaz shines through the cool mix of Black Diamond, Turquoise and Crystal Lagoon coating, you soon leave the oppressive winter blahs behind.



Traditional themes, brightened by modern elements, create an abstract composition of surprising depth and complexity. We cannot imagine, at first glance, what power and inspiration is hidden within! The starting points for this impressive colour combination are two shades of blue – the dark Montana and the lighter Sapphire. Through these shines the milky White Opal, while the dark brown Smoked Topaz brings balance and luxury to this true fashion icon.

You can check out the full release HERE.

Since 2010 PRECIOSA and PANTONE have worked together to bring you the latest in fashion accessory trend forecasting, combining the season’s textile colour predictions with matching PRECIOSA Crystal Components colours. Easy to use, the semi-annual Apparel & Fashion Colour Trend tool provides not just information about the upcoming season, but also creative inspiration for fashion designers, manufacturers, decision-makers and industry leaders, and even the at-home hobby enthusiast.

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