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Fashion Jewellery comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. People enjoy different tastes in fashion and thats really what makes wearing jewellery fun and exciting. We spoke to our new jewellery fashion model Cherie this week, who has been out and about wearing her favourite jewellery items.

Cherie sent us her collection of jewellery images for this month. Now we can see how things like a simple necklace, bracelet or earrings can really add that glam or wow factor for a particular occasion.


JM: Firstly, we would just like to say a big welcome to the JM team. How do you feel about being our new Fashion Jewellery model with Sapphire?

Cherie: “Thanks, it’s great to be on board. I Loved Sapphires look in the Festival and loom band article. She is amazing. I can’t believe i’m one of the new faces for Jewellery Monthly. I love my fashion jewellery, and just sent in a few pictures. I always read your articles when i’m on the train, or out and about with my friends”.

JM: “What do you like best about Jewellery Monthly”.

Cherie: “I think it’s great you talk about hand made jewellery by designers. I love seeing all the different ideas coming through. What I really like best is the fact you cover a wide area of jewellery. I can read about watches, gemstones, weddings and my fav, Fashion Jewellery”.

JM: “That’s good to hear Cherie. Will you keep us posted every month with what jewellery you are wearing then?”

Cherie: “Definitely, I will be sending in my pictures and writing about what I think is really trendy”.

JM: “Brilliant, that’s just what we need. Well, we can’t wait to see what you get up too for next months feature. Just one more question before you go. What is your favourite jewellery item to date”.

Cherie: “I have many lovely items of jewellery to be honest. If I could only pick one, it would have to be my diamond and snake pendant given to me as a birthday present by my mum. It means so much to me”.

We look forward to seeing more of Cherie and her great sense of jewellery fashion over the next coming months.

You can also post images of your favourite jewellery items in our comments box below. It would be nice to see what everyone else is wearing.

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  1. Dave Watson on

    Great article and some lovely pieces of jewellery on display, I look forward to next months feature

  2. Sarah Goodyear on

    This was a lovely read and great pictures too. I’m now such a fan of this magazine.

  3. Rob Alexander on

    Wow, real people wearing jewellery. What a great read and awesome blog. This site has a great edge to it. Thanks.