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So you need some awesome images of jewellery and diamonds for your next advertising campaign? Or maybe you need some creative jewellery images for your Blog, News feed or Website. Don’t worry, we know just the website to visit.

UK design agency LionSorbet, specialists in ‘Creative design for Luxury Brands’, have a reputation for providing beautiful, custom jewellery images for designers, retailers and manufacturers all over the world. Created entirely in 3D, they claim to be the best in the world at providing realistic jewellery images using their bespoke digital design studios. We agree as their results are fantastic.

The demand for creative jewellery images has increased LionSorbet have responded with an on-line portal where anyone can buy Images of Jewellery, Wedding rings, Vector Diamonds and much more. You can now purchase and download state of the art images to use instantly through their safe and secure website.

Stephen Irvine the director and founder of LionSorbet ltd states:

“We get requests for the same images over and over again. Many stock image resources such as iStock provide great imagery but there seems to be no consistency and detail added. If you look for stone shapes you get one or two popular ones but never the whole set. We wanted to change that and provide a real resource for designers, web builders, retailer and manufacturers to access well designed, accurate images of Diamonds, Jewellery, Engagement and wedding rings quickly and easily.”

Images of Diamonds for web and PrintDiamond Vector Images

Stephen goes on to say “Inspiration for many of our jewellery images and graphics can come from products we work with or ideas we have seen while out shopping or browsing the net. We work hard to create original graphics and images that our customer base can use instantly.”

IMages of Wedding Ring ProfilesComplete Wedding Ring Images

Jewellery Images made easy

LionSorbet’s range of jewellery images come in a versatile range of image sizes, providing greater control of budgets and their use in artowrk, literature and display. Some sample sizes a re listed below:

1) 500px x 500px – this is a standard image size and is great for web applications such as blogs, news feeds and picture placements around your website. Most of the images on the site are also transparent so you can use them on different coloured backgrounds and get really creative with them.

2) 1000px x 1000px – these sized images are great for web application and small prints such as adverts and leaflets.

3) 2000px x 2000px – If your looking for some great images for your next magazine, poster or leaflet we highly recommend these size files. This way your image will have a real quality look about it. In some cases we also provide hi resolution layered Photoshop files too to ensure your artwork is kept at the highest quality.

jewellery images

Check out the jewellery images shop today and make sure you sign up for their newsletter too as you’ll get 15% off your first order.

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