Jewellery video marketing what it takes…


There is a massive rising trend in jewellery video marketing footage for the world of on-line jewellery retailers, selling beautiful diamond rings, earrings and pendants. Jewellery product videos are all the rage at the moment as they offer an advertisement spot on many social network platforms.

Company branding is very important as the competition to drive traffic to wonderful looking websites selling luxury products is increasing every day. Business owners are starting to see the huge benefits for new and existing customers seeing products coming alive and inspiring them to buy.

Getting customers to remember who you are when it comes to buying a luxury item, means presenting something that will be remembered months after you have viewed it.

Some of the video concepts are now starting to rival big budget marketing agency’s who demand thousands of pounds for commercials that last only a few seconds. Modern technology means certain companies such as SorbetMedia can generate beautiful results in budgets that wont bounce your bank balance.

Marketing videos can go viral over the social networks if they deemed by the public as exciting, enjoyable and simply beautiful.

Check out some of the great examples we have provided and please let us know your thoughts.

Jewellery Marketing

Serendipity Diamonds – Wedding & Eternity Rings from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Fraser Hart – Uniquely Yours from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Jewellery Marketing in 3D from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Budda Pendant in 3D from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Diamond Boutique Product Showcase in HD from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Creating a diamond ring from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Gemstone Ring Animation from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Jewellery Manufacture from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Capturing Jewellery from LionSorbet on Vimeo.

Ever wondered how your new and exciting jewellery products would look like animated? Maybe you need an amazing video for marketing or an exhibition that you have in mind? If so you want to check out the best Jewellery Visulisation Team in the industry.

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LionSorbet™ is a UK design agency that provide creative and marketing support for Jewellers & Luxury brands around the world. We are the originators of world class 3D Product Animation and Marketing Visuals for luxury products and have a recognised expertise in creating compelling Websites and eCommerce stores for Manufacturers, designers and retailers across the globe