Jewellery Road Trip, episode 5


Spring is in the air, and if the weather doesn’t give it away, well, then certainly magazines do with all the hints (not really subtle) that you better get your figure bikini-ready. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting diets and vigorous exercise to get you ready for summer, I’m suggesting to add to your beauty…with a bit of jewellery! It makes you look good and doesn’t end up on your hips or waistline!


Although, I do agree with fruit and veg being good for you, so grab your shopping bag and get ready for your 3-a-day! And as there was talk of all things green and good for you, the first stop on this Road Trip is


Artichoke Gallery was created by Sculptor Vicki Atkinson in 2002. Beginning its life at her home in Burwash the Gallery quickly achieved a reputation for quality and up to the moment arts and crafts.

Artichoke Gallery frontage

“Originally, I set up Artichoke Gallery in my home in Burwash and the reason that we chose the name was because we had moved into the old greengrocers on the High Street.  So we were trying out all sorts of vegetable names … and came up with Artichoke (it also has various plays on the word as well)
Then, when I opened up here in Ticehurst, together with Louisa and Liz, it made sense to keep the name as it had already had gained quite a reputation locally.”

Artichoke Gallery jewellery cabinets 1 small file

Under Vicki’s guiding hand the Gallery has moved to larger premises in Church Street, Ticehurst and gained a partnership in fellow artists Liz Moys and Louisa Crispin.


With a clear eye for art and great designs, and to sit perfectly with their own work, they have selected a mouth-watering range of jewellery.


An established Gallery now in a new venue in the beautiful Wealden Village of Ticehurst with changing exhibitions of contemporary arts and crafts by leading artists, Artichoke is currently showing “Between Land and Sea”.


And while customers are torn between land and sea, the ladies are already putting together the next exhibition – “BEETLES, BUGS & BIRDS”, which will be on 1st July to 26th September.


Now if that is not a grand setting, I don’t know what is!


Located in the stunning grounds of Castle Ashby, BOO gallery is a real gem of a gallery. But don’t expect stuffy, old-fashioned jewellery as old as the castle – pieces you find at BOO are modern, exciting and a bit quirky. Just perfect for adding a bit of colour to your wardrobe.


And if colour isn’t your thing, there’s plenty more to choose from. BOO even have their own collection, based on the beautiful shapes of coral.


For you book-lovers, there’s a real treat in store. Ever read “Guess how much I love you”? It is a British children’s book written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram, published in 1994, telling the story of two Nutbrown Hares…and love. Louise and her partner, sculptor David Meredith, have always shared a passion for wildlife…hares in particular. So, having won the License for Guess How Much I Love You jewellery, they have designed a beautiful range, with hares in all shapes and forms.


Ok, well, you have to say goodbye to all this loveliness, we’re heading for the final destination of this Road Trip.

MADE Gallery

MADE is a small independent gallery based in Uppingham that sells, among other things, beautiful, handmade jewellery.

MADE gallery shopfront

MADE, owned by Julia Groundsell, is very aptly named: Julia believes passionately in preserving the art of designing and making things by hand rather than outsourcing these methods to overseas factories. It is wonderful to see, that in times when cheap mass production is swamping our high street, there is an appreciation of quality and craftsmanship.


Julia is focused on sourcing work from artists who design and make their own work in their workshops or homes. MADE offers something unique for the individual who loves great design and isn’t scared of a little edginess.


MADE is constantly changing, regularly updating and introducing new makers. Julia strives to seek out and promote the best emerging talent, both locally and throughout UK and Europe.


Made Gallery has a workshop on site where Julia makes and designs her own jewellery range JEG Design.


Julia also offers a bespoke jewellery design service for people who require something that is unique. She helps her clients plan the design and then custom makes the piece to their specific needs.

MADE Julia

There you are – what an invigorating and healthy trip this was!

I don’t know the exact figures, but I’m convinced, shopping for jewellery burns a similar amount of calories as running the London Marathon, so while we are getting ready to look good in our swimwear, we all deserve a healthy treat! And don’t forget….vegetables are plants, cocoa beans grow on trees…trees are plants….chocolate is a vegetable!

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