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An insight into the history of jewellery

Where it all started….

Throughout history jewellery has gone through a lot of changes brought together by individuals using different types of fashion styles. The production of Jewellery has been developed by companies who have adapted with different moments in time to create wonderful masterpieces for the public to view and purchase.

People of all cultures like to showcase themselves with jewellery that shows their social status, political affiliation and personal adornment.

Below are some exceptional examples from 1400AD to the present day showing how jewellery has changed throughout the ages.

Timeline period: 1400AD – 1600AD
Medival Necklace
Image credit:  TreasuresForAQueen


Timeline period: 1837 – 1860
Neoclassical Bracelet
Image credit:


Art Nouveau
Timeline period: 1895 – 1910
Estate Masriera
image credit:

Art Nouveau

Art Deco
Timeline period: 1915 – 1940.
Bridal Earrings, Pearl Wedding Earrings
Image credit: luxedeluxe
Modern Vintage Bridal Jewelry

Art Deco

Retro Jewellery
Timeline Period: 1945 – 1960
Gem-Cut Sapphire Blue Earrings
Image credit:VintageMollyJewelry
Molly Healy Vintage Jewelry Designs

Sapphire_blue earrings

Contemporary jewellery
Timeline Period : 20th Century
Image Credit : Adorn-London


2014 Jewellery 
Timeline Period : Present day
Balmain Gold plated necklace
Image Credit :


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  1. Ohh great!!…thanks for sharing the jewellery history right from 1400AD to the present day and showing us how they have changed over these years.

    Get to know about the diamonds, as jewellery made using colorless and colored diamonds are latest fashion trends.