Jewellery trends 2019: Which brand was in the lead?


FineJewels24 released their 2019 customer statistics study: Cartier was the most desired and most searched jewelry brand at FineJewels24 in 2019! With 33%, Cartier takes first place by far, followed by Tiffany & Co. as well as Bulgari with 16% each. Famous brands like Graff, Chopard and Wellendorff were also represented in the top 10.

But which country loves which brand? And yes, there are actually countries in which Cartier is not in the first place! In some Eastern European countries, Graff jewellery is at the top of the list. Austrian jewellery buyers love Tiffany & Co. and in Italy hearts beat faster for Bulgari. But of course, in most European countries, Cartier is by far the most popular brand.

There are also differences in how much money each country spends on jewelry: Switzerland lays out the most money on jewellery with an average order of £4,680. In 2nd and 3rd place are the United States and the United Kingdom. With the Germans, the purse strings are a little tighter.

How about a comparison of the two top brands Cartier and Tiffany? The duel between the two giants demonstrates: 37 % of all brand loving customers are interested in Cartier, only 13% in Tiffany – making Cartier twice as popular as Tiffany. In addition, customers spend about 4 times more money on a piece of jewellery from the French jeweller than on one from the New York brand. Cartier is simply the measure of all things! The three most popular collections of the winning brand are Cartier Love, Trinity and Panthère – who would have thought otherwise?

Last but not least: Which pieces of jewelry are most popular? With 44% rings are most frequently bought in the luxury jewellery segment, necklaces follow in second place and bracelets come third.

jewellery trends 2019
jewellery trends 2019
jewellery trends 2019

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