Key Considerations While Choosing Bridal Jewellery


As a wedding draws closer, the bride starts thinking about what to wear during the big day. For many women, it is a daunting task mostly because it is obviously not something they have done before. While many people consider the wedding gown to be the most important piece of attire, a bride may want to consider jewellery too. This is because jewellery can add to the female’s beauty thus allowing her gown to stand out. Due to the hectic schedule of the days leading up to the wedding, some brides may need a little help with their jewellery choices. This following information provides a guide on how you can embark on this exercise.

1. Look for jewellery that matches your gown

Your wedding dress is the most important item of clothing during the big day. The purpose of jewellery is secondary. It’s role is to accentuate the dress. You should therefore take care as to which jewellery will go with the dress. Colour is the most important consideration here. Wedding dresses have various shades, mostly several versions of white. Try and find jewellery that agrees with the shade of your gown. The most flexible jewel for many gowns is one that is diamond-based. Ivory shades on the other hand mostly work well with gold. The design of the gown will also influence the type of jewellery you choose. So, Diamonds work with every colour because they are white. Gemstones colours work better with different coloured gowns.

2. Choice of head piece

A beautiful looking head piece jewellery item will glow with any type of gown you choose. Depending on your hair style or actual shape of the gown, you may want to consider the size and type of the final item. Slim and slender works very well with dresses. Different colours also work well. You might want to consider what works with highly placed veils or low placed veils. Remember, wedding fascinators can also be considered as an accessory.

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3. Neckline considerations and earrings

The type of gown you have may also influence the kind of jewellery that rests on your neck. V-necked gowns work well with pendent necklaces. For those who prefer gowns with high necklines, a necklace might look out of place or too fussy. Different styles of earrings can complinent the wedding dress if selected and considered. Try different shapes and sizes, what works well with your dress, hair and neckline? To big may not work if your have a high wedding gown.

4. Jewellery and theme of the wedding

Are you considering having a beautiful themed wedding? To help support the theme of your wedding you might want to try and match the jewellery and wedding dress. Try not mix modern with traditional or vintage but I have seen some wedding that have mixed and pulled it off really well.

Top tip: Look for jewellery that belongs to the same era as your gown.

Weddings are the biggest event in the life of every bride and groom. You need to be confident during your own wedding day. You will need to feel comfortable, relaxed and stylish. As a result, you should prepare for jewellery in time. Avoid the last minute rush, as it may hinder you from trying out a range of options.

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