Ladies Choice – What’s your wedding Dress Style?


The wedding dress can be the most important thing to a woman on her big day. Other aspects of the wedding day will include general planning of the venue, guests, the cake and the big evening party. As individuals we have different opinions as what we like and don’t so its important to try and make sure everyone is happy on the big day.

Finding the perfect dress that suits the bride as an individual while she walks down the aisle can also be important. Wowing the guests and her man to be, as she gracefully walks down the path to a lasting relationship can sometimes be a daunting task. Getting this perfect will make the bride content and happy.

Where to begin?

Being the bride to be will claw on your creative and logic side of the mind. When picking the final dress, many options will have a big part on the theme of the wedding.

Wedding theme considerations:

  • Colour
  • Long – Short
  • Traditional – Vintage
  • Modern – Classic
  • Retro

We have provided some samples to help you on deciding for the big day.

Ivory or White?

Both ivory and white dresses are the more traditional colours. But as a bride it depends on you as white and ivory is not for everyone. As some individuals may find them not to reflect their personalities.

White & Ivory
Image Credit: White – Ivory Wedding Dresses

Short or Long?

The length also depends on the bride to be. Not all women are keen on having a long trailing dress. Especially when it comes to going to the reception, when you are dancing, or avoiding people from stepping on it. For instance the images above are simple designs for both short and long dresses. Having a low cut and a ribbon around the waist or “Beautiful detail at the back of this strapless gown with lovely tulle overlay.” This design can look elegant and stunning to look at.

Long Dress
Image Credit: Long Wedding Dress

Short Dress
Image Credit: Short Wedding Dress

Traditional or vintage?

The ball gown is the most traditional out of many wedding dresses and is the sort of style most women steer towards. These types of dresses stand out in the midst of your guests. But as fashion is evolving more vintage and retro styles are coming back into fashion. 1920 and 50’s style wedding dresses are now designed to suit the modern day woman. Designers such as Justin Alexander has some stunning 1920’s and 50’s wedding style dresses.

Each design he has produced has a unique style and feel and none are ever a like.

Traditional Dress
Image Credit: Traditional Wedding Dress

Vintage Dress
Image Credit: Traditional Wedding Dress

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