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The focus for jewellery designer and FGA DGA gemmologist, Lauren Elizabeth Tidd, is on one of nature’s exquisite treasures – gemstones. Exciting, luxurious designs materialise as a showcase for each gemstone, innovatively uniting modern wearable art and contemporary fine jewellery.

High value precious metals are chosen alongside diverse gemstones, carefully selected for their cut, shape, colour, intriguing inclusions or optical phenomena. The gemstone is the ingredient from which sculptural, stylised creations are then born, executed to the highest standard of craftsmanship and paying great attention to detail. Timelessness, elegance and distinction coupled with stunning visual impact.

Lauren is recently graduated and her collection of one-off pieces and limited edition designs is continuing to evolve. She works from her studio in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and welcomes commissions.

Jewellery Designer Lauren Elizabeth



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Designer Profile – Lauren Elizabeth Tidd

Lauren graduated from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2010 with a first class BA Honours in Jewellery Design for Industry, following her earlier qualification as a gemmologist. Fusing her two passions, gemmology and goldsmithing, she established her gem lab and design studio in the heart of Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter in 2011. Lauren seeks interesting and unusual gemstones to create exclusive collections, private commissions and one-off designs in precious metals, working in a discernibly European style. Her work has already received coverage in Vogue magazine, and is published in a number of leading international jewellery hardbacks including Best of Worldwide Jewellery Artists and Gemstone Settings: The Jewellery Maker’s Guide To Styles and Techniques by Anastasia Young.

Gemstone Jewellery by Lauren Elizabeth Tidd

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