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I have just came back from a great weekend catching up with old university Friends. Great to see some faces of old and even better to see my friends that have travelled all the way from New Zealand. What made the weekend that extra special was the surprise engagement of said friends, he obviously wanted the special moment to be in the United Kingdom rather than his wife to be’s native backdrop.

Diamonds are for girls!

Now the first thing any one asks a newly engaged couple is “wow, congratulations, can I see the ring”. This is generally followed by a smiling fiancée and a sparkle or two emanating from the lady’s arched fingers, however, my slightly eccentric friend Chris, a true creative, product designer, lego fiend and star-wars fanatic decided to leave the actual ring choice to his wife to be and propose with a ring that would make most guys gasp with joy.

lego diamond ring

So here you have it, a truly awesome engagement ring, fashioned from a piece of metal, a favourite colour lego block and a small round (plastic) diamond, apparently taken from his much loved Millennium Falcon.

A boys toy for girls!

A definite crowd pleaser, a fun, alternative take on the traditional wedding ring and a great gift to propose with giving your new fiancée the time to choose her actual ring. So where can a discerning gentleman with a penchant for Lego purchase such an item?

1: Atlanta based Jewelry designer JacQueline Sanchez’s perfect example of the Forever Young Ring – (See featured image) complete with Diamond and Silver Photo etched mount.

2: Possibly not engagement ring material but a nice set of interlocking lego rings by Shannon Conrad

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  1. Tanya Chancer on

    Quite creative. Not sure I would want one as a main engagement ring though!! Good as a proposal ring or gift

  2. I think they’d make a great alternative to a proposal prior to purchase of the real thing. The metal ones do look better though. A shiny platinum one with real diamonds would look quite cool.

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