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Introducing, a new website and online jewellery shop featuring one of a kind, organic and environmentally-friendly pieces handmade by Maddalena Bearzi.

Jewelry designer, marine biologist and author Maddalena Bearzi launches a new website and online shop for her one of a kind jewelry. Designs are inspired by nature and individually handcrafted by the Italian artist in her Los Angeles studio. now offers clients the opportunity to purchase sustainable jewellery directly online:

One of a Kind metal jewellery pieces are mostly made of fine and reclaimed silver and gold, with precious and semi-precious stones.

Handmade Limited Editions, such as the Aria, Pianeta and Terra collections (Italian words for “air” “planet” and “earth”) further the exploration of natural themes translated into coordinated jewellery lines. Bronze, brass and copper are incorporated in some of these pieces to create unique textures and subtle colour tones.


Textile creations are sustainably made with natural fibres joined by distinctive elements such as repurposed metals, vintage charms, wood and recycled stones.

Using materials and methods (such as reclaimed metals and upcycled components) that avoid depleting or destroying the Earth’s resources, Maddalena Bearzi jewellery exemplifies that style and sustainability go hand in hand. Each piece is inspired by a natural theme and bears a unique, Italian name – a refreshing alternative to mass made products. The artisan jewellery collections include rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many unisex designs that accommodate a range of personal styles and budgets.

As Maddalena reinforces: “Each of my jewellery pieces tells its own unique, nature-inspired story, providing a lifetime of wearable enjoyment.”

The launch of the online shop marks an exciting expansion for the young jewellery company, which already lists exclusive L.A. names such as Garde, RTH and Fred Segal Green among retail stores carrying the line. It has also been featured on and in galleries for the originality of its craftsmanship.


Maddalena Bearzi is not only an Italian jewellery artist, but also a renowned marine biologist and President of the non-profit organization Ocean Conservation Society. As a scientist and author, she has travelled extensively for over 20 years studying wild dolphins other animals and learning new ways to express herself. She has published two books, hundreds of scientific articles and is currently a National Geographic blogger.

Maddalena began to pursue her passion for jewellery craftsmanship on her own, and later studied metal smithing at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has learned techniques from master silversmiths and jewellers Gordon Wainwright and Harold O’Connor.

“A deep respect for nature has been an inspiration for my life’s work as a biologist and writer. My passion for the natural world is now also being channelled into new forms of self-expression via jewellery making,” reflects Maddalena.

Additional highlights of the new site include an extensive gallery of Maddalena’s diverse jewellery designs, often photographed in striking, natural settings. It also includes a “One of a Kind Jewelry Blog” and Instagram feed described by the designer as: “… a place to roam free in the world of everything related to Maddalena Bearzi (and other) jewellery, life as a jeweler / writer / biologist, the beauty of nature, sustainability, upcycling and other inspiring topics that come to my mind”.

A curious magpie, the whimsical mascot of, makes its appearance here and there on the site, admiring jewellery and even stealing the company logo ring to add to its collection and nest. How to care for jewellery, thoughts on sustainability and much more are also part of this nature-inspired, eye-catching site created by designer and branding specialist Joanna Arlukiewicz.

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