Meet Edgique, Delivering you the Finest Costume Jewellery online


The days of trawling from shop to shop to buy Christmas gifts are gone! Edgique, a new online jewellery store, has stepped in to show off some of the finest costume jewellery available online today and offers a fantastic shopping experience for their customers.

The Edgique website features large and detailed pictures to showcase the jewellery on sale and includes all the relevant information a customer needs to know before placing an order.

At Edgique the online shopping experience is just as amazing as stepping inside a real live jewellery shop. Providing close-up pictures and detailed information about statement pieces, the latest trends and materials, this shop will serve the needs of anyone searching for a finely crafted jeweller.

At Edgique the main focus is selling both hand crafted and costume jewellery but will also be announcing a clothing and accessories range in the near future. The website, launched in August 2014 brings edgy and unique jewellery to a whole new level.

There is a wide variety of jewellery in the shop and includes the most common jewellery items loved by women everywhere such as, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and chains to make up a huge collection. The jewellery available ranges from fun, quirky, trendy to classic, making it perfect for women of all styles and ages.

The website is simple, readable, easy to navigate and makes sure every shopping experience is a positive one. Incorporating the latest web features and designs, the website offers great shots of all the items and detailed information about the dimensions and weight of each exquisite jewellery piece. This online store also features a beautiful collection of fine fashion jewellery. Every product can be ordered easily online with just one click and the store accepts all major credit cards along with PayPal.

Edgique has every kind of customer in mind, from those who are looking for gifts for their loved ones, through to women who just want to treat themselves. There is something for everyone with an unexpected price tag! And with a 30% off sale now on, new customers are just in time to be inspired for some great gifts for Christmas.

Edgique is targeting a big market and is taking all possible measures to remain at the top of their game. By keeping the quality of the website and jewellery as it is today, Edgique is looking at great heights in the near future. With the party season fast approaching Edgique has to be the best choice for women who want to see the new year in style. The”New Arrivals” section is the best place to find the latest collections.

Edgique specialises and excels in selling high quality costume and fashion jewellery online, providing exclusive jewellery designs for every occasion and maintaining a wide selection of jewellery to fit every budget and fashion style! Quality jewellery is only part of what Edgique offers.

“We are in the business of excellent customer service. Our goal is to provide online
customers with a safe and pleasurable shopping service, while offering a vast range
of quality jewellery products at affordable prices.”

About Edgique

Have you ever wondered why we are so interested in wearing jewellery? Or considered what jewellery will look like in the future? Well, we have! That’s where it all started for Edgique and we have been working hard and building genuinely smart and connected fashion experiences around our customers ever since.

Edgique is obsessed with taking trends and making them our own. Everything we do, from stock control to delivery is with a modern, urban life in mind. We know you have things to do, people to see, meetings to rule and hearts to capture and we understand the best fashion fits your life, not the other way around.

We explore every corner of the world, crossing continents and oceans to discover fresh design and talent. We carefully select the best products to introduce to the site and connect them with new customers like you.

We share our discoveries, giving you the chance to shop the world and be inspired by new products without leaving your home. We specialise in jewellery, accessories and love anything with a bit of a twist, whether it’s the design, the materials it’s made from or even the way it’s packaged.

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