Megan needs a new home


Competition time!!!

Melina Jewellery would like to give Megan a new home to a lucky winner for valentines.

Meet Megan:

The wrath of Zeus

Imagine! They dared to disobey me! Me! Zeus! God of the sky and supreme ruler of the Olympian gods! Yet I was clear, was I not? Did I not tell them their fate should they displease me? But displease me they did. And so I punished them – those clouds that failed to part when I wanted sun; the moons that hid themselves on those many occasions when I wanted to make love. And now they are sorry. Now, they are condemned to swing round another’s neck, chained, forced forever to use their own beauty in the service of others. Ha!

To win Megan simply like The Malina Jewellery Facebook page SIMPLES!!!

Winner will be picked on Friday 13th feb 2015. Competition terms

About Malina Jewellery


If you’re looking for distinctive, high-quality jewellery, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because we’ve given a huge amount of thought to the design of every item in our collection, to ensure that it has a style and character you simply won’t find anywhere else. That means you can be sure of having a unique, different look, wherever you go. What’s more, every piece in the range is fully hand-made with the greatest care.

Whether you’re looking for formal jewellery, or something with a sense of fun, you’ll find something to match your tastes among our range. And remember, we’re always adding to the collection, so make sure you come back often and see what great new items are available.

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