Minimal clothing – Maximum Jewellery!!!


Jewellery is fast becoming the height of all fashion. It begs the question, is it the clothes that make the outfit or is it the jewellery? Do you dress according to the jewellery you wish to wear or choose your jewellery to match your clothes?

Celebrities, as we know are the leading influence in our fashion today while jewellery has taken the industry by storm! High profile celebrities wearing different types of jewellery seem to be in every magazine, and, as with clothes, dictate the rise of certain trends.

I think we would all agree that as much as a well put together outfit can be a great confidence boost, there is something extremely sexy about jewellery and now is considered to be equal to, if not more of a statement about an individual than the actual clothes they choose to wear.

Even men are realising the potential of jewellery, many of whom will accessorise with the ever increasing range available to them. The vast increase in styles and trends mean we can be as extravagant or as understated as we wish, just as we can be with our choice of clothing and shoes.

Jewellery for many women makes them feel feminine and sexy, boosting their self-esteem, it holds power and can ultimately without realising it expresses our mood to others, even to the opposite sex! It portrays a message that we have ‘made an effort’. It allows us to dress down to a much more casual look and can turn any outfit into something much more glamorous and alluring.

There are many ways to increase one’s sex appeal, to state some of the more obvious products that have, through advertisement, become linked with the idea of making us more attractive, would include items such as perfume, makeup, underwear, clothing, and even hairstyles. Jewellery, which although has always been popular, has perhaps reached a higher climax than just the use of those listed above.

If you asked a guy, what would he find more sexy – A naked women? or naked women laden with jewellery? Chances are he may say, naked women! But I’m not a man, so I can’t answer that. However, ask a woman the same question, you may find the answer is the total opposite. Now, if you think about it, why do women wear jewellery? Because maybe they have a sentimental attachment to it? Yes. To enhance an outfit? Yes, and ultimately, because they like it! Us ladies like to feel good and what is more of a turn on than a woman who feels sexy- hey guys?


A woman who feels hot oozes confidence, which results in the ultimate sex appeal!

We aren’t just talking about earrings, bracelets, rings, although lovely, I’m thinking some majorly seductive jewellery that possibly isn’t even known about by many. Pieces such as body chains, leg bracelets, actual clothing made from 100 percent jewellery! Even lingerie today is often enhanced by adding jewellery features to it.

So girls, if it grabs your attention and makes you feel desirable, go for it! There’s nothing sexier than a woman with confidence!

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