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Even individuals who are not savvy on time-keeping trends are aware of the value of Swiss-made watches. This country’s creations are associated with elite engineering and beautiful artisanship that have placed the timepieces in a league of their own. In fact, Switzerland is so concerned with maintaining its sterling reputation that manufacturers must meet specific high standards in order to legally be allowed to promote the fact that the watch is “Swiss-Made.”

Embodying many of the characteristics that make Swiss timepieces held in such high esteem are Movado watches. The brand first established its roots in 1881 and experienced a reawakening in the 1980’s. Since then, it has gracefully balanced contemporary evolution with timeless charm, resulting in watches that have won hundreds of awards. Movado currently creates dozens of different design collections, including some of the most popular ones detailed below.

Museum: While many of today’s manufacturers are clamoring to dress up watch faces with more, more, more, the Movado Museum line presents a sleekly minimalistic aesthetic. Instead of numbers, the aesthetic features a single, chic gold or silver dot where the “12” would otherwise reside. While most of the cases are made with stainless steel, bands come in either matching metals or quality leather; the variations of materials creates a broad range of price points that typically range from $500 – $1,300.

Another benefit of the Museum Movado timepieces is that the conservative design makes these watches the perfect candidates for promotional customization, as a brand’s logo won’t have to compete with other visual details for the spotlight.

Cerena: There are many feminine watch styles by Movado, but perhaps none is more beautiful than the Cerena watch. Diamonds overlay the bezel and the number markers. These quartz-movement timepieces come with a stainless steel band for a silvery aesthetic that will effortlessly coordinate with a multitude of different looks; some models interweave white ceramic into the bracelet for a softer aesthetic. The watches are priced $1,500 – $3,000.

Fiero: The male equivalent of the Cerena watch could be the Fiero watch. The contrast of the silver tungsten carbide with the rectangular, black face creates a modernly bold contrast that expresses confidence and class. However, there are no girly diamonds on this piece; instead of sparkle, the Fiero exhibits suavely fluid lines to mimic the silhouettes that make some sports cars “sexy.” Because of the quality of the materials used, the price tag is $3,000+.

Circa: While most of the Movado watches lean towards streamlined aesthetics with limited embellishments, the Circa timepieces cater to individuals who prefer a bit more detail and textural intrigue. The watches’ faces’ display the numbers along with the date, and comes with options of both two and three dials.

Other Standouts: Movado embraces uniquely modern inspiration as much as it does classic tradition. This is evident by the men’s Gravity watch line that spotlights black and silver contrasts, as well as a textured watch face. It is a simple, masculine design that conveys strength without being too flashy. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Museum Wrap line. The women’s watch features a nontraditional wrist piece that is shaped like a spring in order to wrap around the wrist multiple times. This style functions as jewelry while providing a fashionably unique spin on the traditional construction of most watches.

If the prices noted above are above your budget, there are online resources that sell pre-owned Movado timepieces, including Ebay. Of course, if you’re buying the watches from an individual rather than an authorized dealer, there is always the chance that the piece you are acquiring may not be authentic. Though there is no foolproof way to spot an imitation, know that a genuine model should be stamped with either “Swiss MOVADO Made or “Swiss Made.”

Furthermore, the brand’s logo should be visible within the back cover of the watch. If in doubt, find out the serial number and call the company to see if they have a record of manufacturing that particular piece.

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