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The majority of marrying couples will ask the wedding event coordinators how to make their wedding event special and different from others. There are many ways to do it including adding detail, choosing a countryside or lakeside, and the most prominent one is choosing the wedding theme.

Choosing a wedding theme is one of the hardest things for the marrying couples. They will spend hours or days trying to decide which theme will suit their needs best compared to the others. In this article, we will discuss some of the best available wedding themes to make your wedding different and special, as you wished.

Vintage wedding theme

This theme was inspired by the verdant hills and awesome flavours of Tuscany, Italy. It also captures the elegance of an era that was finished long ago. If you are going to choose this theme, lace is a necessity. Choose a dress with a muted colour palette enriched with rose, gold, and ivory. Chandeliers hung from overhead are used to create faux canopy whereas wooden chairs are used with fabric details. This theme can be extended to include food and drinks as well. They can serve vintage bottles with fresh lemonade and grapes to amaze your invited guests. What do you think about this theme? Would you prefer it for your own wedding?

Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

It is one of the themes that is growing the most rapidly in the last years. Wedding coordinators agree with this statement claiming that more and more people daily prefer to have this theme in their wedding day. The key to this wedding is a great location with antique décor. Whether that location is garden, country, or vineyard, all these three themes have some things in common: They are held in nature landscapes, they use wood in different ways, and incorporate pieces that will enhance the beauty of your wedding. An exceptional Rustic Chic theme featured an aisle made of wood and fresh flowers as if they were just picked up. The bride was wearing a long dress with long sleeve. The wedding was impressive.

Classic Romance Wedding Theme

The third on our list is a timeless wedding that will not look old even decades from now. This wedding was initially planned by Mindy Weiss Events, who claims that classic is not static. The essentials of this theme are the little detailed things that go undetected but change the way we look at the wedding. The crystallised and fit gown for the bride, black tuxedo for the groom, and bridal parties matching them will amaze your eyes. For colours, pale pinks are preferred for a more romantic environment. If choosing this theme, the more the better when you’re talking about florals. If this event is happening in the winter, no problem. Use white Manzita to change the venue into a frosty wonder castle. Add a white cake to emphasise the effect.

Ethnic Wedding Theme

Ethnic and diverse weddings embrace everyone’s culture, families, traditions, values, and beliefs they follow. Richer fabrics, pretty fashion, and expensive jewellery is what makes this event awesome and breathtaking. One key element to this wedding is lighting. It should be bright and should make all décor stand up and be visible. Tents and centrepiece can be used to create a focus space at the bride and groom. It will be amazing. It is also recommended to hire musicians and dancers who will dance and perform in your own culture to preserve cultural heritage.

Seaside Celebration Theme

Would you like to get married in a breezing ocean with air flowing through your hair and sand between your legs? If you wish so, you can chose the seaside theme. You can chose serene or coastal approach adding whites, greens, and blue crisps. You can also go for an all-in yellow or orange colour. Including unexpected element such as grass is a recommended feature. Summer cocktails, mojitos, and greyhounds made of grapefruit and vodka will accompany you during your wedding. It is recommended to offer non-alcoholic servings as well. Seafood is the best choice for a seaside theme. Include lobsters, crabs, oysters, and other highly valued seafood to enrich and make your wedding great.

The five themes above have been rated as the most preferred themes for engaging couples. Whichever one you chose is up to you, but remember it may only happen once so make the best of it. Cheers.

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