New ‘Proposal Generator’ Launched to Inspire Britons’ Romantic Moments


A new ‘proposal generator’ has been launched by a diamond expert in order to inspire the British public and inject an extra dose of romance into the nation’s propositions of marriage. The company was inspired by the findings of a recent poll, which revealed that more than half of recently engaged women in the UK felt their proposal lacked imagination or thought.

As the trend of extravagant and outrageous proposals continues and the pressure mounts for those looking to propose, a new microsite has been launched in order to guide those looking for inspiration surrounding how to pop the big question.

Celebrity-favoured diamond jewellery brand, Vashi (, has launched the website in the run up to the Christmas and New Year holiday, when the team consistently notices a huge spike in the sales of engagement rings. Having recently polled 1,000 newly engaged men and found that more than two thirds (68%) felt under pressure to keep up with extravagant proposal trends, the company decided to launch a site to help those planning to propose during the festive season; offering suggestions for the recipient’s dream proposal and encouraging visitors to consider their partner’s personality when deciding how to set the scene.

Visitors to the site are first asked to input some details about their partner; for instance, whether they’re best described as an extrovert or introvert and their favourite hobby, as well as the budget they would like to stick to, in order to calculate a suggestion tailored to the couple in question.

The site also accommodates for those who would prefer to improvise when it comes to their proposal, with a randomise button which will provide slightly more off-the-cuff suggestions, from posting the question on their loved one’s Facebook wall to mowing the message into the lawn in their back garden.

Vashi Dominguez of had the following comments about the site:

“As we all know, the romantic winter months are a great time to reflect on relationships, the past and the future and, subsequently, very busy when it comes to proposals. According to social media, it’s easy to think that a proposal must be a massively creative spectacle, but that isn’t always what your loved one would want. Don’t feel you have to succumb to the pressure to outdo your friends and family members – what is one person’s wildest dream is another person’s worst nightmare.

“The site is designed to make those looking to propose to their sweethearts consider what they would really like, in a light hearted manner. It’s important to create a beautiful moment which will be treasured by the two of you forevermore, whether it’s in the cosy cocoon of your own home or in the midst of an exotic street festival in a faraway country. We think our suggestions are pretty spot on!”


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