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Inspired by her love of nostalgic memories of times past, Uk Jewellery Designer Nicola Crawford presents a fusion of romantic and feminine yet contemporary jewellery. Crafted using a mix of hi tech computer aided design alongside traditional hand making techniques her designs are created using rapid prototyping technology and then cast and finished in Silver and Gold Vermeil.

 “..I wanted to create something that would celebrate the lost art of letter writing”

The lost art of Writing
Nicola’s initial inspiration came whilst browsing around an antique shop in the historical town of Rochester, near her home in Kent. Nicola says “I found a box full of documents and photos, amongst these was an envelope with an old stamp with the kings head on. Inside the envelope was a letter from Lily to her uncle updating him about what was going on in her life during the war; she said she’d spent the evening writing letters to people. This made me think we don’t really send letters to loved ones any more, it’s just a quick text or an email, not really something that is going to be treasured and still be around in seventy years! I wanted to create something that would celebrate the lost art of letter writing. I went on to make the letter spheres which spell out ‘lost words’ and are very tactile, something that can be held in the hand and treasured. I then searched for more letters and came across some postcards sent in 1908, the handwriting on most of them was almost illegible, but one was from Rosie inviting her friend Kitty to tea, it was signed with love and several x’s, this gave me the idea for my With Love collection.”

Personalise and Wear
We have presented some of Nicola’s work below featuring a range of Pendants and Rings, Nicola explains “The letters are always jumbled so it’s not always obvious what they say, but they are personal to the wearer making this a unique design which can of course can be personalised with the wearers own words.”

Nicola Crawford Jewellery


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Designer Profile – Nicola Crawford

nicola crawford profile
Kent based Nicola graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in 2011 with first class BA (hons) in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery. Her designs are unusual and eye-catching, a unique blend of technologies enabling complex forms to be created and cherished.  It is nice to see real inspiration behind a persons work. One that tells a story and captivates the wearer and not just design for designs sake. The use of 3D CAD, although more commonplace in Jewellery design nowadays, has taken her work that step further, to a better understanding, consideration and creation of bespoke Jewellery Collections.  Nicola’s work is beautiful and affordable and we look froward to seeing her work to come.

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Images courtesy of Nicola Crawford – All rights reserved.

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