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Song of Jewellery expands its product offerings by adding three European contemporary jewellers: Simone Vera Bath, Co.Ro. and ORSKA.

After the latest addition of three jewellers, Song of Jewellery, the London-based retailer of jewellery and hair accessories now features pieces from 26 European designers.

Simone Vera Bath

Simone Vera Bath was born in Berlin and, after her arts and sculpture studies, moved to Florence in Italy. There Simone continued her arts education by studying goldsmithing and later fashion and interior design. Having her atelier in Rome, she now spends considerable time in Italy.

In her designs, Simone often matches gold, diamonds and precious stones with more core materials like bronze, wood and leather in a continuous redefinition of contrast and balance. Simone’s pieces are all handcrafted and express the essence of her past and present experiences. Each jewel looks like having a past life even though it may have been just finished. Her jewellery embodies the idea of a continuous transformation and expresses the fascination of the unfinished and the irregular –

Simone Vera Bath’s creations are never exactly the same, never serial.




Co.Ro was founded by the two Italian designers and architects, Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini. Their architectural education determines the way they look at the world and how they design their jewellery. Their pieces are characterised by volumes and shapes that refer to geometries of structural forms enclosed in worlds of minimal dimensions.

All of Co. Ro.’s designs are inspired by architectures and buildings bound to the collective imaginary. Themes range from Mediterranean houses to ancient temple and industrial complexes. The label’s pieces represent a harmonious fusion of rationalism and classical tradition. It is architecture to be worn!




ORSKA is a Polish jewellery label founded by Anna Orska. The label is bold, diverse and unpredictable. The raw form, rough texture, and unique idea behind each collection reflects the temperament of ORSKA. The pieces’ distinctive designs are for the ones searching for an original and individual style.

ORSKA’s creations often feature unique materials from different parts of the world as well as from different historical periods. Anna’s projects have been featured in various fashion magazines, with the Italian ‘Vogue Accessory’ and the German ‘Vogue’ as the leading ones.



Song of Jewellery

Song of Jewellery features jewellery and hair accessories from contemporary European designers, with a focus on established niche designers as well as young up and coming designers. The team behind the label chooses their collections carefully, choosing only designers that add a distinctive new style to Song of Jewellery. The product offering caters to young girls, women and men and ranges from classic pieces to one-of-a-kind statement jewels. The boutique sells jewellery worldwide.

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