Our Audience and Visitors

Jewellery Monthly is the No.1 online magazine for lovers of Luxury Jewellery, featuring Diamonds & Gemstones, Watches and Fashion Accessories. With educational and industry relevant information Jewellery Monthly is a prominent resource in Europe and America.

A typical Jewellery Monthly Visitor

Our content targets professional women aged 25-40 with an interest in Luxury Jewellery, Fashion and accessories with a keen eye for style. Our content is far reaching, with a strong male audience looking for a perfect piece for their partner, or looking to learn something new.

Where do our viewers come from?

Although our primary audience reside in the United Kingdom and USA, our content reaches as far as Canada, Europe and Australia. We love to promote jewellery worldwide and are looking to increase our reader base in all countries.

What devices are people browsing on?

With the increase in mobile and tablet internet browsing many figures are banded around about the percentage usage of each. We like to rely on actual stats which is shown below. Desktop browsing is still strong among our user base with a large mobile audience.

Our Reach

Jewellery Monthly’s audience has grown from zero to over 20,000 visitors on average per month in just a short few years. Our social reach of over 20,000 jewellery lovers and fashionistas is growing daily and we are working hard to reach more and more people with targeted and interested content to bookmark and share.


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