Pamela Love’s New Lines: Stylish Jewellery Fusing with Artistic Sentiment


Fans of Pamela Love’s creations are no strangers to the artist’s ability to blend a number of cultures and beliefs together to produce altogether original and conversation-inspiring pieces.

Love’s interest in art and astrology fuelled takes shape in her art. When Pamela grew disappointed at the variety of available vendor-supplied jewellery, she became inspired to begin her own endeavours in the industry.

scorpian pendant

Astronomy, Astrology, and Southwest History

Pamela Love’s creations are influenced by an amalgam of the artist’s interests in astronomy, astrology and the history and culture of the southwest. To make her visions and creations more cultured, Pamela draws inspiration from architecture found in New York City, especially the Brooklyn borough, where she launched her initial line from her apartment.

Pamela’s art, some considered totemic, is infused with visual artisanship and sentiments of wearing and owning tokens of good luck and fortune, related to the wearer by birth month, astrologic symbol, or penchant for particular animals and entities found in nature; Pamela Love symbols include feathers, arrowheads, talons, etc.

Stylist and Director Turned Jeweller

Pamela Love worked as a stylist and art director before turning her creative forces toward jewellery making and selling. Pamela, seeking creations for her shoots, often grew disappointed at the lack of creativity and variation offered.

Soon, Pamela transformed visions in her head into creations, offering them to an excited and surprised public. Her heavy metal (some may use the word “gothic”) pieces are sought for both personal and iconic appeal.

bronze feather cuff

Hearts, Claws and Skulls

Pamela’s designed and distributed creations take the shape of a number of symbols as mentioned above, but fans quickly recognize a ‘Love’ heart, claw, or skull. Pamela, noticing the popularity of her art, moved to the Manhattan Garment District in 2009, producing her hearts, claws and skulls on a larger scale.

A ‘local’ girl, creating original pieces for excited fans in the New York City area, soon grew internationally renowned for her talent and unique approach to sustainable designs.

Sustainable Designs

Pamela Love, in a Vanity Fair interview, discussed some of her sentiments regarding sustainability and art. All her pieces incorporate recycled materials, ethically mined stones and domestic-manufactured resources. The process helps define her lines, considered unique and popular, yet, Love admits her sustainable philosophies sometimes place her enterprise at a disadvantage regarding large-scale brands that don’t recycle or use American resources.

Pamela mentions balancing, making things fans “can afford” while creating and offering lines of jewellery she “believes in.” She thinks consumers want designs that are unique, and not mass-produced.

silver eagle claw earring

New Lines

Pamela Love continues to produce new lines, infusing astrology, astronomy, NYC architecture, the southwest and beyond. Pamela admits her tastes are constantly evolving due to her travels and increasing number of experiences within and without the fashion industry.

Her fans love her for her jewellery creations, yet the artist has a history associated to painting and sculpting as well. She admits her approach to jewellery is akin to that of art; fans, the fashion industry and those appreciative of art and unique design the world over are excited to see what Pamela Love does next.

Designer Pamela Love – Bio

Designer Pamela LovePamela Love is a jewellery artist who creates unique designs using sustainable materials and methods. After years as a stylist, she loves turning her artistic eye to wearable jewellery for the stylish, socially conscious modern woman.

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