Pandora or Trollbeads – the most popular charms


Pandora Beads and Charms

Trollbeads Beads and Charms

Let’s now take a closer look at the differences between the chains.

Chain by Pandora


The chains utilised by Trollbeads for their gems are a considerable measure more slender than those designed by Pandora. The charms made by Pandora additionally join themselves to the accessories or arm ornaments. Pandora adornments make utilisation of chains that have exceptional strung closures and uses charms that have strings within. In the event that you wish to add more charms to an armlet from Pandora, you will be obliged to turn the appeal onto the jewellery or wristband. It is conceivable that you may drop a couple by error so they decide to make their adornments in this way with a specific end goal, to guarantee that the charms don’t slide off coincidentally.

Chain by Trollbeads

trollbeads chain

The individuals who have worn both brands propose that Trollbeads charms look earthier and more natural. Since Trollbeads additionally has more involvement in correlation to Pandora, their investigations with configuration and surface are better gotten by wearers. They additionally like the thought that all charms made by Pandora can slide onto an accessory or a wristband from Trollbeads while the opposite isn’t genuine; charms made by Trollbeads don’t fit the chains made by Pandora. Since both brands value their adornments at pretty much the same reach, it fundamentally comes down to the individual decision of every shopper.

Final Thoughts

If you prefer to wear charms that have a great deal of history, heritage and value a family run business then Trollbeads maybe your brand of choice. Trollbeads presents a certain old world appeal that is deficient in Pandora’s more modern approach. Their designs are fresh and colourful and simple to wear.

Pandora’s products present a more youthful product appeal. The designs are more current and their high street presence is strong. They have put a huge investment into the brand image and marketing which has pushed them to the front of the queue for cost effective high street jewellery and gifts which has no doubt muscled other leading brands out of the way but there is no mistaking they are here to stay.

I don’t think you could say one brand is better than the other. Their products are well made, cost effective and originate from classic danish design. I think its more what brand you are introduced to first that may make that decision for you.

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