Paper jewellery – it’s taking over the world.


Paper jewellery! a term that conjures images of fanciful art pieces or some new form of origami?. What is it? what does it do? have you even heard of it? Alternative Jewellery seems to be trending heavily online and there are some fantastic creations breaking boundaries and gaining more attention that mainstream Jewellery.

This fantastic fashion statement makes jewellery attainable and desirable. It’s different, handmade, entertaining, creative, environment friendly, and well… just brilliant.

The Fun Bit.

Paper jewellery can be made in almost any colour and pattern. It really is down to the creator and what type of effect they want to achieve. There are many designs to choose from and you can even start adding beads, crystals, moulded plastic, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Paper needs some strengthening, especially if your going to get the most of it and wear it more than once. The best way to do this is simply use glue or varnish to help keep your paper jewellery item water proof.

Professional examples:

Grape Rings by Anahagopian
professional paper rings

Poems By The Way – paper earring by Littlefly
paper earing

Paper Pendant by Lichuwu
stunning paper pendant

Disperse paper – silver pendant – by Saloukee
Paper Jewellery

Getting Started.

We have selected a few tutorials and featured a few samples for you to have a look.

Rose paper earings by howisholly

Water colour pendant by realisticart

How To Make Paper Beads by BeyondBracelets

Main Image by Saloukee
Video’s from open media channel Youtube

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