Park Lane Jewelry 2014 – Trend Setters.


Park Lane Jewelry in three words… Chic, Cool and Fabulous. And why not? They deliver a range of jewellery that turns heads, and makes you feel excited about wearing a designer range. For 2014 Park lane have launched the brand new E collection.

This accessory jewellery range has been designer-inspired with a twist of celebrity influence. The creation of E! was a collaboration between, the world-wide leader in Red Carpet media coverage and Park Lane Jewelry. This new line seeks out people who are fashion trend setters, have a flair for creation, and want to be separate from the normalities of the everyday high street jewellery ranges. Park Lane Jewelry is launching the jewellery world into the future of GLAM.

We have delivered you some of the stunning items available to buy today. Enjoy!

Credits with thanks.
All gallery images from parklanejewelry.
Main Video from YouTube, Channel Park Lane Jewelry
Featured Image from the Youtube Video at Channel Park Lane Jewelry

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