Propose with a Ring Designed by Tina Engell


If you and your fiancée admire design that is bold and sleek, contemporary and timeless, unique and elegant then you’ll be looking for an engagement ring designer like Tina Engell.

Nestled in the heart of Bath, Tina’s studio is where she creates jewellery pieces like this stunning engagement ring inspired by the shape and patterns of the squid’s tentacles. This eye-catching piece from her portfolio is typical of her work. With its stunning host of unique brown diamonds integrated into the tapered solid gold band, this engagement ring exudes strength and solidity.

Drawing on a Danish background and English influences, Tina Engell’s talent as a bespoke jewellery designer comes out loud and clear to the beholder of this beautiful ring.

Tina’s believes that a ring’s band should never over shadow the natural beauty of the stones in the piece, and this ring’s glory lies in the amazing brown diamonds that she has sourced and integrated.

Tina has designed setting to enclose the diamonds that are characteristic of her usual stylistic flair. They add a feeling of strength to the overall ring that many couples find symbolic when they are looking for a design to commemorate their engagement and the durability of their relationship.

Such an unsual source of inspiration as the squid is certainly a talking point for the owner of such a ring. While it is common for designers to draw on motifs inspired by nature Tina breaks new creative ground by finding a source of beauty in this unusual sea creature.

Those couples who commission Tina Engell are guaranteed to get a truly one of a kind engagement ring.

Tina Engell MA (RCA)

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