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Have you always wanted to create a personalized jewelry to remember a date, a person, a particular emotion? With Quid – jewelry to remember, all this is finally possible. From today, you can create a bracelet, a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings the color you prefer, you choose the materials that make it up and customizing it further with a date or a word that you remember a particularly important moment of your life or particularly to represent you. A unique piece of jewelery that you just you and nobody else!

Quid personalised Jewelry

There are an infinite number of ways in which you may customize your QUID jewelry, whether you choose a date, word, sentence or symbol that is forever engraved on your heart and each way will represent those memories and emotions in a concrete form that you can wear, give or share.

Just as July 20, 1969, the date on which man first walked on the moon, expanded the limits of our imagination and redefined humanity’s achievable horizons, QUID changes the rules on how we represent our most cherished and memorable moments.

Quid was created by Cristiano and Barbara Oppo intuition, two Italian siblings , which for over 10 years have been the sole Italian distributors for a large European multinational distributor of Russian diamonds, the world’s most exclusive and sought-after diamonds. Among our major clients, are some of the world’s most renowned fashion brands.

Personalized jewelry by quid

After years of activity in the luxury sector , Cristiano and Barbara decided to launch their own line of unique jewelry that makes customizing your core business.

The idea was born on the day in which Cristiano decided to give a diamond ring to his girlfriend .

The diamond has always been a symbol of luxury and the best gift to ask for the hand of his beloved , but since Cristiano works in the diamonds market, his gesture was regarded as ” trivial ” and devoid of customization.

Quid Jewelry

As a result, it cames up with the idea to customize the jewelry with a date or a phrase that recalls ato remember a beautiful or important moment in your life, to give an added value and a stretch of uniqueness to your gift. And it is from here that the history and philosophy of Quid, from a ” trivial ” gift which gave the launch for the creation of unique jewelry to tell and celebrate the most iconic’s moments of your life to impress a special person, because not only the jewelry are unique, but also the women and the men who wear them .

We started from the customization of diamond rings in gold or silver variants by the Quid plus line, to move the concept to other materials , because the value of the people who wear them is independent from the value of the material the jewelry are maded by .

So we realized other 2 lines: The Quid line in silver and bronze and the Quid Fancy line, more youthful , in perspex and steel , to satisfy the uniqueness and customization needs also to younger age groups .

Quid Jewelry

You just have to log on http://www.quidline.com and begin to create your own unique piece of jewelry to remember and to remind you!

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