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Rapport London launches new watch winders collection. With over ten new models available, Rapport will once again confirm themselves as a brand leader in the international horological sector. With offices in New York and Hong Kong, Rapport London has built a reputation for excellence in the pocket watches and watch winders field.

Founded in 1898 by Maurice Rapport, Rapport London still follows the same principles-laid by the founder-of innovation, quality, service, technology and customer care.


The new collection will reinterpret some of Rapport’s most popular models adding a new, modern twist… embracing the past while welcoming the future. Authentic, boutique and exclusive: all Rapport products are a must for any collector meeting the best high tech standards of the industry. From watch winders to pocket watches and prestigious watch cases, Rapport London offers a wide variety of luxury products which can also be tailored to clients’ requests.

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For more information please visit www.rapportlondon.com

Vogue Range

With a contemporary modern design, the Vogue range is our latest work of art. Entirely built in wood with elegant rounded edges, our Vogue watch winders are not only a must for the horological connoisseur but also a perfect present for anyone who is passionate about great designs and highly tech products.

Our Paramount Age Walnut

When we created the new Paramount Aged Walnut, we thought about those who would have bought them and treasured them between their other works of art. That’s why we worked extra hard to produce a phenomenal range which is both an affectionate homage to our past models and a modern look at what we are planning for the future.

With gold plated metal fittings and a beige velveteen for interior, our Paramount Aged Walnut watch winders cabinets are a great combination of perfect design and high tech value.


Our Templa Ebony Quad is an advanced watch winder which offers total control of speed of rotation, number of turns and duration. It’s our most innovative product yet and something we couldn’t be prouder of. Illuminated by an array of Led lights, the Templa Ebony is fitted with electronically powered, smoked glass sliding doors.

Our Company

Think about everything that it is trendy yet exclusive with a hint of past and a passion for the latest technologies; that’s how you obtain the Rapport recipe for success.We pride ourselves on being one of the leading companies in the watch winders and pocket watches sector. By working with the best materials and the most professional experts in our field, we have managed to create a brand which is highly regarded on a national and international level.

Our New Collection

Our new collection range is a perfect reflection of our brand values. By upgrading previous models, we have managed to maintain our most authentic features reinterpreting them with a new, modern twist…embracing the past while welcoming the future.

Our Philosophy

We are always happy to talk to our customers. Rapport stands for great customer service as well as finely crafted products. It’s about taking good care of your favourite watch. It’s about passion and soul. The same soul we use for all our products. We are a family after all and once you become a member of our family, you can rest assured that we will take good care of you and of your most treasured possessions.

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