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Saint Valentines day (mostly shortened to Valentines day) falls on the 14th February every year and is a day most associated with love, romance and courtship. A day when men across the world duck out briefly before the big day to purchase roses, chocolates and other gifts to show their love, affection and respect to their wives, girlfriends and lovers. In more recent years ladies have joined in the fun and return gifts to the men in their lives. Although this is a well know day, predominantly owned by Card and Confectionary companies to mass market cards and gifts to the public there are in fact other less well know days celebrated round the world that offer celebration of romance and love. Our friends at have created a great info graphic shown below that illustrated some of these important dates.

Valentines day dates

If you know any more information about these dates comment below and share your knowledge.

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  1. GajGallery on

    There are many important dates, but Feb 14th is really unforgettable, sharing love with each other. Roses and gifts like rings, pendants will add more value to your important dates!