Sealed in Silver


There’s something beautiful in capturing a moment in time. A unique print taken from someone you love, be it your husband, wife, or in many cases a child.

Now imagine you can keep that moment with you forever. Sealing in silver the fingerprint of a loved one. Emotion, devotion, intense in each piece.

Each line and imperfection captured from that precise moment. A symbol of love, a keepsake to treasure.

A piece of jewellery that holds a story grabs people’s attention. It’s not only incredibly beautiful but has deeper meaning for each individual fortunate enough to have discovered these inspired designs. These keepsakes are the perfect gift to surprise a loved one with and will show how thoughtful, specific and personal it is.

The stunning design shown above is available from a company known as Smallprint. This company also extend their range offering items such as charms, key rings, cuff links, and bracelets.

Although fingerprints are extremely unique and personal, this is also carried in other forms of special keepsakes such as printing a child’s drawing or perhaps a baby’s hand or footprint onto silver. Again ,totally unique!

Prices vary depending on the style you choose and items such as pendants are offered in two thicknesses, thus altering the

If these beautiful designs have captured your heart, the website displays prices and products available.

Anyone can choose a pretty necklace or bracelet and most would be gratefully received. But with these it really is “the thought that counts!”


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