Selling Fashion Jewelry Online: A Basic How To Guide


If you make beautiful trendy jewelry and want to figure out the best way to sell it, online selling is without a doubt the best option. This enables you to reach out to a wider audience all around the globe, there’s almost no overhead cost and you get to play a part in influencing fashion trends by selling your Statement Jewelry across continents.

Start by formulating a structured plan of action and incorporate e-commerce as part of that business idea. It just takes a little while to get used to, and soon you can be on your way to making jewelry lovers happy with the beautiful pieces you offer!

Here’s a beginner’s guide to selling fashion jewelry online:

1: First Priority? Market Research

Conduct thorough market research on costume jewelry choices available on various online forums. This should give you a basic idea about the kinds of jewelry trending, from rope necklaces to faux-diamond earrings for women. Market research surveys also allow you to narrow down the target market for the kind of jewelry you specialize in.

If your focus is earrings, then find out what has gained the most popularity in the segment, whether drop earrings, pearl earrings, hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, etc. This helps you determine the various strengths and weakness of your business model, so you can make the necessary changes before you open shop.

2: Design a User-Friendly and Eye-Pleasing Catalog

For the product catalog, you need to segregate one jewelry type form another, and have separate pages for necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Set up various filters on the catalog, e.g. price, gender or age group, to make it easy for the target audience to skip to their desired options.

Also, add the following details for each item on the catalog:

  • Images should be clear and represent exactly what you have on offer. Photos from different angles helps visitors analyze the product better.
  • Descriptions should be apt and catchy. They will definitely contribute to the sale, so make them as thorough as possible.
  • Prices should be inclusive of the market trends and shipping expenses, besides the actual cost of the piece.

3:  Keep Website Design Simple and Catchy

When creating the website, understand that most visitors will only stay on a page if it’s quick to load, user-friendly and appealing to the eye. Include a mobile-friendly version for clients to easily access your catalogs on their phones. Explore other jewelry websites for a better understanding of aspects to cover and information to incorporate.

4: Undertake Marketing & Advertising Initiatives

Simply designing a great website for your jewelry is not enough. Once a website is up and running, it needs a significant amount of traffic before views turn into sales. You will need to adopt various marketing and advertising initiatives, like:

  • Email Marketing helps you to send a glimpse of various kinds of jewelry you offer, directly to the inbox of your target market. Make sure the template you use in your emailer is attention-grabbing so people want to visit your website.
  • Paid Advertisements can be posted on various search engines or social media websites to bring in traffic to your website, but make sure the ad you post is exciting.
  • SEO Techniques can help divert traffic your way through strategic use of keywords and original, authoritative content.

5: Offer Various Options for Payment

Having various modes of payment available as options, like credit/debit card, PayPal or cash on delivery, makes purchasing on your websites easy and secure. If you want to target a larger customer base, no matter where they reside on the globe, include details of overseas shipping costs and modes, as well as international payment options.

6: Take Care with Packaging and Shipping

Whether shipping to a nearby location or one further away, you must take proper measures and pay attention to details when it comes to the packaging and shipping. Jewelry can be extremely delicate and needs to be well-cushioned and securely packed with bubble wrap or foam packaging within a cardboard outer cover.

Careful packaging can help ensure secure delivery to the excited customer, no matter their location and/or the mode of transport used for delivery!

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