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Something Original, is exactly what it says on the label! Creating and selling bespoke, somewhat unusual pieces of jewellery, appealing very much to those who endeavour to be unique, original and generally love life and the beauty of things that portray it. This jewellery designer gives rise to new and inspired creations, each holding a certain beauty of its own – almost as though it tells a story.

The company was established by owner Jeremy Berruel in November 2014, making huge progress with the help of his loving wife, family and friends. They all offered plenty of feedback where and when needed. Jeremy is inspired by his love for sculpting together with his previous experience in visual effects and design for film companies. During his spare time he began designing and making jewellery that he soon realised, after receiving much interest from the people he knew, that with enough determination he could create inspiring jewellery that people would wish to own. Soon after, Something Orginal was born.

Jeremy is motivated by the challenge to produce something that people will like and ultimately enjoy enough to want to purchase them. There is something magical and highly self-fulfilling about producing a product that a total stranger will fall in love with for their own unique reasons, and also there is a huge sense of achievement in that knowledge.

Something Original has a range of interesting and unusual pieces to choose from, all of which are eye-catching and wonderous.

Offering sterling silver and brass, or bronze with a gold plated finish, Jeremy will ensure that he has discussed all details with the client such as materials or maybe the use of gems for custom made orders.

Something Orginal is now looking to the future and is keen to develop and grow a larger team with its recent success. The company also hopes to plan events in order to meet new people, which will help with feedback for new designs that capture a larger audience. This will allow Something Orginal to introduce new creations to individuals that would be made exclusively. The products available can currently be accessed through the website however, Something Orginal has plans to explore the idea of working with a few stockists to make his products even more accessible and visual to the public.

Jewellery designer Jeremy has a lovely sentiment behind his creations and in his inspiration which shows in every piece he delivers.

” I see Jewellery like tattoos they show you who you are. You send a message you don’t wish to tell but want people to see. It may remind you of a moment, motivate you, or simply, make you happy. They will always, make you Original!!”

(Jeremy Berruel)

I love that Something Original stands out from the excessive crowd of repetitive jewellery designs and has taken a chance by trusting that people do desire to be different and are intrigued by something new and original. For handmade, unique designs, prices range from a very reasonable £90 – £300 This ultimately depends on the material used and the complexity of the design.

The Interview

Owner & Designer – Jeremy Berruel

Tell us a little About yourself?

My name is Jeremy Berruel. I am French and grew up in a small town in Normandy. At thew age of 20, I went to Brittany to study in a cinema school. Further to that, I obtained my degree and I started my career as a 3D artist for a company not too far from Bordeaux which is a beautiful city. In 2007, I came in London where I started to work as a Digital sculptor for Visual Effect Companies on award winning movies. I am currently working on a big film while I am running Something Original. I am married and I have a beautiful baby daughter of 21 months old.

What is your favourite quote?

I see jewellery like tattoos showing you who you are. You send a message you don’t want to tell but want people to see. They can remind you of a moment, motivate you, make you happy. They will always make you Original.

What inspired you to go into the jewellery business?

I have been sculpting and designing for several years for Visual Effects and during my spare time I was designing jewellery. I think it is when my wife and friends told me that they were interested in my creations and eager to buy them that I decided to create a business. As I am running Something Original alone, the process for me took some time but it’s rewarding and it’s a great challenge to design jewellery and I hope that people will like them enough to buy them.

Where do you get inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. I am working in an environment full of artists from different countries and backgrounds who inspire me a lot. For almost 10 years, I worked for Visual Effect Companies as a digital sculptor on films so I can say that a part of my inspiration came from there.

What are your favourite designs?

I love all my designs but I would say the Lion pendant and the Spine ring are my favourites so far.
I love the Lions gaze and the way the fur creates the shape of the pendant which gives a noble look to it. It will definitely stand up on anybody.

The Spine ring has a really interesting organic and complex shape which makes me think of a spine or a bone structure. It definitely makes you look twice at the hand when you wear it. I designed the earrings and pendants as well.

Do you use and specific metal or gemstones?

The Something Original website offers Sterling Silver and Brass or bronze with gold plated finishes. This makes easier for me because it’s simpler for me to manage. But as pieces are made on order, the clients can contact me if they wish for different materials. The casting company who I work with offer a wide range of materials. I can do stones but only on custom pieces for the moment.

Do you have a particular theme or style?

I don’t have a particular theme or style, I want to be flexible and let my imagination guide my designs.

Do you target a specific trend?

I think it’s the first thing people ask me about, what is my target market? I don’t really like to put people in categories. Everybody is different from the way they live, dress and work. So I would say that I target people who don’t like to be put into categories. I want people to be unique, original, live their lives and enjoy it.

What are your aspirations for the future of the company?

I think the first thing is to have enough success to allow the company to grow and have more artists.
I would like to organise events in order to meet people, have their direct feedback and to introduce new creations to them with a little exclusivity.

How do you market your products?

For the moment, I market my products on my website but I intend on working with a few stockists this year.

What type of price ranges can a customer expect to pay?

Prices start from £90 to £300 depending of size and materials.

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