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If turquoise doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does. Of course it’s beautiful all year round, but close your eyes and think of a turquoise necklace worn with a woolly jumper, and then think of a turquoise bracelet worn on tanned skin…see what I mean! In 2010 Pantone chose it as the colour of the year, but unlike other trends that come and go, turquoise will always be tropical, classy, a bit bohemian and timeless.

It’s stunning shades of azure blue-green seem to illuminate and compliment any skin type, which other colour can say that of itself? And unlike other jewellery, in the case of turquoise – LESS is never MORE….

Although already worn as jewellery by the ancient Egyptians, turquoise immediately evokes images of the Southwest, of a casual American style and comfortable
elegance. Not surprisingly, as this stone is an integral part of Native American history and culture.

A silversmith with designs deeply rooted in this traditional beadwork and jewellery is GREG THORNE.

The Thorne family settled on the plains in Western Kansas in the 1870′s and Greg owes much to his grandfather and his Indian teachers who have given him the instruction necessary to carry on the traditions found in these ancient skills. His fascination with “old style” silversmithing stems from visiting his friends in the Pueblos and on the Navajo Reservation. His passion for rare American turquoise, old techniques , early styles and simple designs are the hallmarks of Greg’s work, and through this he honours his teachers and Native American heritage. So – whatever your style, whatever your age – shed those layers, pile on turquoise jewellery and enjoy the summer!

Designer Turquoise Jewellery

Here we have a selection of turquoise jewellery items from different designers.

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