The British athlete Froome celebrates with a Preciosa Trophie


JULY 2015 –The British athlete Froome celebrates his second victory in the world biggest race and raises up to the sky the trophy made by PRECIOSA.

PRECIOSA created the trophies for the prestigious Tour de France race for the first time in history. During production, it uses the globally unique and artistically demanding StarDust® technology.

This latest decorative method created by PRECIOSA Lighting has interesting sculptural characteristics and incredibly high brilliance. The technique consists of a layer of machine-cut crystal stones of various shapes and sizes that beautifully disperse and refract light into individual spectral lines, producing a crystal effect called “fire”.


PRECIOSA Lighting, a member of the Preciosa Group, is an innovating and progressive company that supplies complete solutions for design lighting. Its lighting objects decorate luxurious interior spaces around the world, such as at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, the Pallazo luxurious casino and hotel in Las Vegas, the Shangri-La fashion hotel in Paris and the Westin Xiamen in China. PRECIOSA Lighting offers its clients complete service, from custom designing to production and installation followed by maintenance. The company’s values are based on artistic skills, attention to detail and the many years of tradition of glass-making experts, handed down between generations. PRECIOSA currently uses the most modern technologies, such as optical fibers, LED, printed connections and nano-technology. The company currently employs more than 600 people.

PRECIOSA Crystal Components was born in the heart of Bohemia, a region known worldwide for the quality and tradition of its fine crystal. The centuries-old heritage of the oldest know-how is combined with the cutting-edge technology of this company that is one of the leading players in the global market for the production of crystal components and applications for fashion and design. With over 4,000 employees and 7 offices worldwide, PRECIOSA is a large integrated group specialized in the production and processing of crystal. Among the different areas of activity (chandeliers, crystal figurines and so on) the area of crystal components for Fashion represents the core business of the company. In this segment, PRECIOSA offers a huge collection of high-quality products with over 24,000 combinations of shapes and colours to choose from, also presenting Innovations two times a year. The Premium lead-free quality product line is MAXIMA, made with the most advanced crystal technologies. All PRECIOSA products are 100% made in the Czech Republic, where the company has its headquarters in Jablonec nad Nisou.

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