The Jewel in the online crown has changed


It’s all changed in the online world for the Jewellery sector. In fact, the top spot in visibility ranking has a new winner. Google updates have certainly been causing havoc in the jewellery market. Some companies have obviously been polishing their SEO jewels, whereas others have not been taking care of them so well. We took a look at the UK Jewellery Market and released our Performance Insight Report to show our findings in this sector.

Online Visibility – What Does It Mean?

First though, let’s have a look at what online visibility is and why it’s important. Taken from Search Metrics, visibility is simply a metric used to compare brands. The tool measures how visible a website is across millions of keywords tracked in its database. As we can assume that competitors are targeting the same keywords, we can compare how visible they are in the SERPS.

We can also assume that when a potential customer is searching online for a term, let’s say “custom engagement rings”, they won’t scroll through pages of the search results. Chances are, they will only look at the first few results. Because of this, companies that are higher up the rankings are likely to see more organic traffic.

In the online world, being high in Google (and other search engines) rankings is vital to attract new customers.

Who Has The SEO Jewels?

The main effect the updates this year has had is the top spot in visibility rankings changing. H Samuel only had a 3% drop in their visibility, but this has been enough to knock them from
the top spot. Now Pandora has the top spot, thanks to a visibility increase of 47%.

There have been some more visibility increases within this sector. For instance, Glamira has increased its visibility by 470%; they have certainly been putting some effort in here. Thanks to this they have climbed 37 places in the visibility rankings. Another good climb is seen with Blue Nile, who has climbed 22 places thanks to a visibility increase of 193%.

On the other hand, many big names have seen their visibility rankings drop. One of the worst decreases is with Warren James. These have dropped out of the top twenty thanks to a 63% drop in their visibility. Swarovski have also seen a big drop, though their 37% decrease has only caused them to fall one place in the visibility rankings, another Google update could be enough to knock them much further down.

Could it be that these big names are focusing too much on their brick and mortar stores and neglecting the online world? Could this potentially be a mistake that could have a negative effect in the future? In fact, this could have a huge effect as 87% of UK retail purchases are made online. So it’s something to consider carefully for the future.

How To Polish Your Visibility

Although no one knows when the next algorithm will hit, or how it will affect websites, there are ways to polish your visibility, giving you a chance of improving.

Luckily, there are some things that we do know, so we can work on these. For instance, we know that recent Google updates have focused on Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T).
So if you polish your website, focusing on these areas, the next update should treat you better. To do this, brands should focus on:

  • Ensuring your site is mobile-first;
  • Site speed;
  • High-quality content;
  • Good quality backlinks;
  • Proving your expertise.

Focusing on the above should help you become more visible online, as Google smiles on them. But you should also focus on other areas too, don’t abandon social, for example.
Social Media shouldn’t just be used to promote offers and products but can be used to showcase happy customers and show you are active in your industry by being reactive to
news within the industry. And let's not forget the power of influencers in this sector. Accessorize does really well in this area, posting inspiration images.

If you want to know more or find out where you rank compared to your competitors and what you can do to improve contact Salience for more information.

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