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M&M Art Shop produce jewellery with a difference! This company has taken the art of using resin to make jewellery, creatively, using and sourcing natural elements inspired by beautiful places. Each piece carefully chosen and influenced by the beauty of nature, capturing a precious meaning in every design.

By embracing the spirit of the simple things within this planet, things that many of us take for granted, this company endeavours to capture every colour, shape, texture and the silent sound of the truly magical things this world has to offer. Turning a materialistic concept ‘jewellery’ into an appreciation for the naked world we live in and so easily forget to admire.

Born in Romania, the founder of this company, Andreea Dragne, just 24 years of age, has an intense passion for jewellery. Since the realisation that by using resin, Andreea discovered the freedom to preserve almost anything, from the elegance of a special flower to a loving memory, such as a picture of a loved one or family pet.

Always on the lookout for different shapes and colours, Andreea uses her natural talent for seeing nature’s potential, and in her own words, expresses that her main inspiration comes from that of the sheer ‘inexhaustible diversity of nature’. Spending much of her spare time collecting leaves, branches, flowers, bark, moss, anything that is representative of the natural world.

The style of much of this companies jewellery combines a vintage feel with the essence of nature. However, Andreea strives to expand her range by learning new skills and introducing exciting ideas to her ever growing product range.

M&M Art Shop jewellery is extremely reasonably priced with items ranging from £7 – £25. All items would certainly make an ultimate sentimental gift to treasure.

enjoyed by a large target market, this unique company offers an exquisite range of bespoke items, appealing to any lovers of nature, artistically minded individuals and generally anyone who recognises the true treasures the world has to offer.

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