The Rise and Rise AND Rise of Rose Gold Jewellery!


Rose gold jewellery is becoming even more popular in 2017 than last year with a 412% increase in sales in the first three months of this year compared to the last quarter. That’s according to a breakdown of sales figures from The Fine Jewellery Company based in Birmingham.

Rebecca Share – Gemmologist at the online jewellers said it’s not surprising:

“Unlike gold, which is timeless, rose gold goes in and out of fashion all the time and right now it is still very much in fashion – we can tell by the amount that is leaving our stock room. We’ve had to order much more stock in so that we can satisfy customers quickly. It’s great when something like that is so popular, it really creates a buzz and a bit of excitement. It’s like a frenzy around here. It’s abundantly clear to us that a lot of people love the colour and you can, probably, blame that on the Apple iPhone 6s. It was back in 2015 that the company announced it was offering the phone in rose gold and it seemed they couldn’t make the devices quickly enough. In fact, one headline at the time said: ‘The internet has lost its damn mind about the new pink iPhone’.”

Rebecca added:

“Rose gold has seen a come-back in popularity in recent years as the vintage and antique fashions have rolled back around again and rose gold was incredibly popular in both Victorian and Edwardian times.

Those styles suit rose gold much better. Also, yellow gold can be quite cheap looking or gaudy in some designs, and white gold and platinum can often be mistaken for silver (when people have paid more to have "the best metal"!) whereas rose has much fewer alternatives (yes, plating is an option but only it is really seen on newer pieces. It's a much warmer colour which suits many skin tones, and it looks the part whatever the carat (Some people say yellow gold isn’t gold enough until it’s at least 18ct which is just silly)”.

There has been talk that the colour which has also been dubbed ‘millennial pink’ is defining a generation. The generation of millennials – that’s the term given to the generation born between 1982 and 2004. However, sales figures from would suggest it’s not just that generation that has been charmed by the colour rose gold, and rose gold jewellery. This is more widespread and it appears that the trend is appealing across generations.

Colour trends are nothing new and, according to New York Magazine, things really started to pick up last summer and before that it started to appear as early as 2012. For some, it is surprising how long it has stuck around. It’s clear from the amount of rose gold jewellery that has already been sold in the first few months of 2017 that the trend is set to continue for some time yet. That is evident given the fact that the The Fine Jewellery Company is now selling five times as much rose gold jewellery than it did during the last three months of 2016.

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