The Sphere of life collection


Are you looking for the perfect gift, designed around life for any special occasion? Look no further because we have just saved you a whole word of search.

The sphere of life collection offers a unique look on pendants for every occasion. These beautifully crafted pendants come in some amazing stunning designs to choose from. As it’s Valentines day soon, we highly recommend checking out the sphere of Love collection.

Every jewellery item comes with stunning packaging. In fact we feel this clean modern look should force many top retailers and jewellers to rethink their packaging. Everything has been carefully considered so the person receiving the gift gets that extra wow factor.

The designs also come with “Story Cards”, saying the name of the item and a bit about it’s meaning, and leaving room for you to write your own greeting.

This gift will never be forgotten.

Check out

Sphere of Glam

sphere of glam

Sphere of Cute

sphere of cute

Sphere of Love

sphere of love

Sphere of Silver

sphere of silver

Check out the Sphere of Life Video for their luxury jewellery packaging.

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