The Spirit of Silver


It is believed by many spiritualists that the colour silver represents intuition, imagination and illusion.

It is traditionally thought that silver is associated with mystery, femininity and female power, holding spiritual meaning, that of the moons energy, linked with what some describe as female energy.

It is believed by some that silver is a powerful spiritual precious metal that contains healing and health boosting energies. Many spiritualists suggest it can be incredibly beneficial in the release of physical, emotional and mental balance. Often used as a form of natural healing with problems such as period pains and hormonal imbalances.

Silver, used in forms such as clothing, decorations and jewellery is thought to attract calming and balancing elements into ones life!

Like certain gemstones, minerals and crystals, silver is believed to remove negative energy from the body. A piece of jewellery for example will often be a stone such as Turquoise, Agate, Moonstone (cool coloured stones, linked with the moons energy) incased in silver, is thought to channel in the positive energy of the other minerals. Many pieces of jewellery are often worn to symbolise certain characteristics and beliefs of an individual.

There are those who believe in the magical properties that silver could provide such as the Goddess shown above cradling her pregnant belly, a symbol of fertility and thus may be worn by a women wanting to conceive.

Silver has influenced our life’s for thousands of years in various ways throughout history and yet today is still greatly appreciated and is widely used for its possible health and spiritual benefits.

These ideas are based on beliefs as opposed to factual evidence. Whether you believe in the spiritual properties suggested or merely find silver aesthetically pleasing to the eye it remains to provide us with a sense of wonder and appreciation for all things meaningful and beautiful.

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  1. Why does every woman I know prefer silver to gold in jewellery? Is silver a more feminine colour? Men I think tend to prefer gold. ‘ The silver apples of the moon/ The golden apples of the sun’. Silver is understated and it’s association with the night and the moon (the goddess Luna) would suggest its feminine attraction. What do you think?

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for your comments. I think it’s possibly simpler than you may think. Since the introduction of white metals and the popularity of Platinum and Palladium it’s more of look at our current trends towards fashion than the meaning behind the metal. To put it plainly White metal is just more fashionable than yellow gold.