A luxury diamond ring?


..of course not and as a company that specialise in Luxury Jewellery it’s hard for us not to be wowed by the latest offering from Swiss Jewelers Shawish Jewellery. A title like ‘The World’s First Diamond Ring’ does make you question its legitimacy though. We all know diamond rings have been around for a while, so whats all the fuss? Upon viewing their video, featuring a 3D rendering of the ring in question, you will see exactly what they are displaying. The entire ring has been cut from one single piece of rough diamond, weighs a mind blowing 150 carats and will set you back a mere $68 million. Certainly an impressive price and spec but I do wonder if all the technology overshadows the actual design itself.

I know we’re being a little risky with the title but as fascinating as it is I feel it’s lack of metal and protection usually found with a traditional engagement ring does make it look more vulnerable. The diamond is not framed or presented to you in anyway and looks slightly bulky and over engineered. I feel it would look more at home in a cabinet of crystal glasses than on a Jewellery stand with beautiful diamond rings. Don’t get me wrong it’s certainly a piece of craftsmanship and should be taken seriously as a piece of technological engineering but is it more design for designs sake or just a fun (expensive) exercise to push the boundaries of Jewellery Design? I welcome your thoughts.

Images and Videos via http://www.shawish-jewellery.com/

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  1. Sarayjames on

    Such an amazing looking ring. Is it real? I’d be scared to wear it!!

  2. TheDiamond.com on

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