Theo Fennell Introduces his latest Masterwork


Master jeweller Theo Fennell has unveiled his latest work, the Adam and Eve opening ring. Inspired by the story of temptation and lust that shaped the world, this exquisitely crafted piece exhibits Theo’s usual incredible attention to detail.

THEO FENNELL adam and eve ring

“The snake has been carved from petrified lignum vitae, the wood of life, that may well have been around since the Garden of Eden! It was too much to resist so, once the snake had been hand-carved and given a golden eye, it seemed natural to have a golden, enamelled apple hidden under it.

THEO FENNELL adam and eve ring

Covering the miniature enamel paintings of Adam and Eve, naked and being expelled from the Garden, with delicately fashioned fig-leaves seemed equally apt.

Then it was set with diamonds and deep engraved. I was tempted to do more but, unlike Adam, resisted. It is the work of six different master-craftsmen magnificently achieving everything I asked of them.” Theo Fennell

The ring was handcrafted at Theo’s Fulham workshop and features 18ct Yellow Gold with a Petrified Wood Curled Snake, Diamonds and a Red Enamel Apple.

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