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Choosing an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. There are many factors involved with a ring’s design and these styles should match the taste and personality of your partner. While maintaining a budget is important, you should remember that the ring will become the first thing many people ask to see, as well as an item your partner will want to show off for the rest of their life. A ring is chosen as a symbol for your relationship, one that will be shared with the world. This is why choosing the right ring is important, especially in the age of social media.

With engagements being announced through Facebook and Instagram, it is the engagement ring that becomes the focus. Celebrity announcements gain millions of comments and likes, immediately followed by articles discussing the stone and ring design. And, with this great attention placed upon the engagement ring, we are seeing designs becoming more creative so that couples stand out from the crowd. No longer is simple elegance enough, now a ring should be unique and have creativity. Here are the key design factors and their trends, to help you choose the right eye-catching engagement ring for your partner.

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Four C’s

Some of the first descriptors you will encounter when shopping for an engagement ring are the ‘four c’s’. They are cut, clarity, color, and carat. Each describes a different element of the diamond’s design.

  1. Cut – the shaping of the diamond
  2. Clarity – how perfect or unblemished the stone is
  3. Color – there are many colors of diamond
  4. Carat – the weight, not necessarily size, of the diamond

Each of these qualities are important to consider. America has two continued favorite cuts of diamond, the round and square cut. Together, they make up nearly three quarters of all engagement ring diamonds sold. However, many couples are beginning to leave these designs behind in favor of a more unusual alternative. Many famous engagement rings, such as Angelina Jolie’s and Lady Gaga’s, use different shapes and styles, making them iconic. It is the same for the color of a diamond. Clear diamonds remain the most popular, however, there is a rising demand for yellow and pink diamonds. Both Cardi B and Katy Perry proudly made use of pink diamonds in their engagement rings and has helped pique the public’s interest in the color for their own rings.

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The setting of the ring is how the diamonds are placed and displayed upon the ring. Much like the ‘four c’s’, there is a traditional and widely-popular preference for the solitaire setting. Its simplicity is celebrated and it raises the central stone, elevating it for a wonderful sparkle.

Again, however, there are early indications of a shifting preference. Alternative settings, such as halo and pavé settings, are becoming more mainstream. There’s plenty of room to get creative with smaller, complimentary stones. Olivia Wilde was given an engagement ring set in an emerald halo, a vibrant green to match her eyes.


While the diamond is the most iconic stone for Designer Engagement Rings, there is no obligation to limit yourself. While the diamond is the strongest stone and most resilient to damage, there are excellent alternatives. Two stones could even be combined such as on a halo setting. Now perhaps the most famous engagement ring in the world, Princess Diana’s sapphire was originally the cause of some commotion. However, since the beautiful blue stone has been adjusted for Kate Middleton’s hand, it has opened many people’s minds to a variety of diamond alternatives.

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