Top 5 budget engagement rings on the web.


We have come to know that ‘A Diamond is forever!’ or so Debeers Jewellery would have us believe! and while a sparkly rock the size of a babies first tooth may light up the eyes of every woman in it’s vicinity, all us guys are slightly fearful at the cost of such a tiny, delicate piece of rock being held rather securely in 4 small pieces of metal.

The diamond ring can cover a huge spectrum of price ranges. This is normally due to the classification of the diamond being held by the ring design. If it’s knowing all the facts about diamonds you seek then maybe you need to read about the following before you endeavour deeper into the world of diamond rings.

Diamond Shape
Diamond Colour
Diamond Clarity
Diamond Size
Diamond Cuts
Free Diamond Ring Sizer

For those guys or girls looking for a diamond ring for the special loved one and don’t want to take the plunge with half your life savings, we’ve pooled our resources together here at Jewellery Monthly and done the hard work for you.

We’ve searched the Tinternet (internet) looking for good quality diamond engagement rings that fall below £500.00. Below is a list you might find interesting. If you are looking for Engagement ring tips you may want to have a tinkle HERE. Good luck with your search and let us know if you find any cheaper.

(Silver, base metal and free cracker rings don’t count here!!)

Price £424.92
the beautiful company engagement ring
This is a price not to be missed and to be honest we don’t now how long this special offer will last for, but for the price its a great steal. You can’t change the settings on this ring as its been selected for you. This ring is a Princess cut diamond set on a white gold ring. Great value.

  • Metal: 18ct white gold
  • Diamond Colour: E
  • Diamond Clarity VS1
  • Carat: 0.30ct

This is a great starting point when comparing engagement rings online.

BUY it here

Price: £489.83
serendipity diamonds engagement ring
We found this elegant Tiffany styled four claw princess solitaire ring for a great price. This designer engagement ring starts at a great price. You can even pay 10% deposit up front and the rest when the ring is delivered. We set this up with the following settings:

  • Metal: Palladium
  • Diamond Colour: J
  • Diamond Clarity: S12
  • Carat: 0.30

BUY it here

Price: £499
argos engagement ring
This ring is a 18ct White Gold Moissanite Trilogy 1ct eq Ring. Its also hand crafted which is a nice bonus when seeking out an engagement ring. Moissanite is a near colourless lab-created jewel with 2.4 times more fire than diamonds. This is a great engagement ring as you will be getting 18ct white gold and a very sparkly 3 stone set ring.

BUY it here

Price: £309.99
jewellery world engagement ring
A modern elegant and timeless rubover set engagement ring for a great price that cant be missed. This type of design holds the diamond securely and catches the light beautifully for unfussy modern glamour.

  • Metal: 18ct White gold
  • Diamond Colour: J-K
  • Diamond Clarity: SI2
  • Carat: 0.10ct

BUY it here

Price: £399
littlewoods engagement ring
Fancy building your own ring? We found this nice little jewellery selector by littlewoods. You can even pay for this over 12month interest free if you have an approved account with this massive retailer.

We managed to get the price down using these stats in the ring builder.

  • Diamond shape: round.
  • Diamond Size: 25pt.
  • Ring colour: 18ct Yellow Gold.

BUY it here

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