Trace your diamond engagement ring back to the mine with a CanadaMark diamond


Serendipity Diamonds have created their first 100% ethically sourced, fully traceable diamond engagement ring commission earlier this month. The ring combined a responsibly mined fully traceable CanadaMark diamond with ethically sourced Fairtrade Gold.

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CanadaMark diamonds are mined responsibly in Canada’s Northwest Territories and tracked through audited processes at every stage from the mine and through to the process of cutting and polishing. Each diamond receives a laser inscription with a unique serial number which is recorded on a certificate card which accompanies the diamond on its journey. The card records where the diamond was mined, along with the original rough diamond weight. This serial number can be entered on the CanadaMark website to verify this information.

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CanadaMark diamonds supplied by Serendipity can be purchased loose, or within a finished ring, accompanied by a diamond certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the CandaMark identity card. Diamonds are available for pre-order and from stock.

“We are making great progress introducing new services for ethically sourced jewellery. If we can add value to a client’s purchase, whilst making a difference to the communities producing the raw materials, surely this is a better way for us to work?”

“It adds greater depth to the experience of buying a diamond if you know where exactly your diamond came from and that it was responsibly mined,” Mark added.

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The new service follows the introduction of Fairtrade Gold option for engagement rings in 2014 as the company puts greater emphasis on providing responsibly sourced materials from new and existing supply chains.

Serendipity Diamonds provide CanadaMark diamonds for both trade and private clients. Anyone interested can subscribe to receive available diamond details and learn more from their online information page.

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