Transformers, jewellery in disguise


MyriamSOS Brings Minimalist Elegance and Cutting-Edge Design to the UK Sophisticated, simple, stunning are three words that describe the visionary jewellery brand MyriamSOS from the award-winning Cypriot designer Myriam Soseilos. Myriam was named ‘Designer of the Year 2013 at Treasure, London’s visionary jewellery show, which took place during the world-renowned Jewellery Week in June 2013.

The eclectic collections of fine, design-led jewellery pieces take as their credo handcrafted elegance entwined with minimal, pure lines, simplification of design, precise attention to detail, and versatility of form and materials used.

The range of avant-garde statement pieces includes a plethora of necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. The collections find their inspiration in the nuances of modern architecture coupled with the use of high-quality materials and gemstones to create niche items. Each piece has the USP of being contemporary, diverse and uniquely transformable into a variety of adaptable forms. Myriam’s stunning collections feature an array of intricate gemstones, which are meticulously hand-set, thus defining an art form in itself.

This ethos is expertly personified in MyriamSOS’ new, award-winning collection entitled: ‘Transformers’. The limited edition range, which was launched in June 2013, is the outcome of years of design research, skilled artistry and innovation by Myriam Soseilos. She says:

‘The Transformers collection is the result of an impressive design innovation with great possibilities that has rewarded my perseverance in jewellery design research. All pieces in the collection transform into different jewellery pieces and into different colours.’

The trend-setting ‘Transformers’ collection is a response to the necessity for simple, elegant, flexible jewellery solutions for the modern woman, and is designed to fit in with the hectic lifestyle of the on-the-go 21st century woman. The collection represents artisanal, handcrafted jewellery that re-defines the concepts of adaptability, individuality and exclusivity. Customised silver and sapphire pieces from the ‘Transformers’ collection are available, starting at £1,000.

Myriam will be launching seven new additions to the well-received ‘Transformers’ collection. The additions will follow three stunning pieces added to the range in 2013, namely the ‘Rubik Cube’ ring, the ‘Push It Open’ ring and the bespoke cufflinks.

Another range of note is the ‘Naked Square’ collection, which is an in-depth study of the ‘grammar of shapes’. Myriam takes as her inspiration the ‘square’ in an effort to discover its voyage over the centuries and its inner, deeper meaning. The vision for the range is to re- think the way that classic diamond jewellery is viewed and presented. USP’s of the range include traditional materials used, age-old handcrafted techniques, individual designs and versatility of use. Some mesmerising pieces from the collection include the Cross Eternity Ring, the Tennis Bracelet and the Scarf Pendant.

The MyriamSOS luxury line offers a holistic service to its clientele, whereby it creates striking, authentically-certified jewellery pieces, with a dedication to quality customer-service and after-care of each precious item.

Explaining the unique vision for MyriamSOS and her meticulous commitment to design research and cutting-edge techniques, Myriam Soseilos says: ‘SOS represents the first three letters of my surname, whilst its pronunciation in English suggests ‘sauce’; after all, adding jewellery to an outfit is similar to adding spice to food.’


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