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After scouring the February Autumn/Winter Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, Endless Jewelry brings you three Autumn/Winter trends straight off the catwalk!

There has been a large focus on utilizing negative space, making a statement with vibrant jewel tones, and rocking a “tough luxe” look. Endless Jewelry makes these latest styles possible even in the accessories department thanks to our wide range of coloured leather bracelets and charms.

Hand Picked Faves From The JM Team

The leather bracelets are made from soft calf leather and produced to a superb quality. Charms, available in silver, gold and rose gold finishes, are available in over 450 different designs, allowing for Endless possibilities and style combinations that reflect the wearer’s life and personality.

Prices for charms start at £25, while the leather bracelets, which come in a wide variety of colours and sizes, are priced from £45. In total, there are 12 different colour options and all the leather bracelets are offered as a choice of one, two or three bands.


Negative space became the main focus in many recent catwalk shows. The “less is more” mentality makes a rise with emphasis on minimalism. Here we have paired simple yet classic black and white Endless single strand bracelets with various charms that convey this trend perfectly.

The catwalk this season left plenty of room for jewel tones to shine through.
Models adorned unexpected jewel coloured hues such as dark emerald, deep plum, and ruby red. These bold colours echo the overall feel of the Autumn Winter season. Endless bracelets and charms stylize this trend even further with numerous possibilities.

The “tough luxe” look is making a comeback, according to Autumn Winter catwalk shows. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood praised the juxtaposition of feminine pearls with heavy metals and dark gems. Endless Jewelry pulls this style together effortlessly with grey, black reptile, and red reptile triple strand bracelets and various sterling silver charms.

The ability to customise Endless bracelets to convey any of these three trends portrays the uniqueness of the Endless Jewelry brand. Whether you are looking to wear the latest trendy accessories or just a bracelet full of personality, Endless is the perfect pick for you.

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