U Black unveils ‘Unico’: pure gold spurs with gemstones, totally customisable. Created by master goldsmiths and designers boasting the craftsmanship of the highest made in Italy jewellery. A personalised jewel that moves​ ​come from an ancient, prestigious past; designed to charm, moulded to last​. Exclusive since every dream, every love, is unique.

​VICENZA, Italy (January ​10​th​, 2018​). From now on the dream comes true. The constant pursuit of an elegant perfection – axis around which horsemanship revolves – takes shape. That of a precious object whispering in all its refined lustre: “Dream. Desire. Love. Dare more, dare to choose the perfection inside you“.

U Black introduces ‘Unico’, pure gold spurs with gemstonesTotally customisable, with personalised measurements and moulds, as well as cuts and finishes, to the smallest detail. The new Collection is an exclusive experience, and not only in name. Since every dream – every love, every desire – of women and men riding a horse is different and unique. Wearing Unico spurs means living a new paradigm of equestrian style, completely modelled on a real, specific person.
Created by hand, one by one, Unico spurs are available in yellow, white and rose gold. Embellished with 100% certified precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. Shaped by Italian artisans who, with ancient gestures and new technologies, enhances a tradition of extraordinary refinement and elegance.
But how does a dream come true? The most talented U Black’s craftsmen mold the perfect shape, according to the indications and personalizations of the most daring dreamers. They are master goldsmiths from Valenza – the world-renowned gold district – and designers specialized in creations for international gold and jewelry companies.
The latter study the design and ergonomics of the spurs. The jewellers, finally, realise the dream of those who dared to choose. There are endless games of lights and colours, refined nuances and precious details that can arise, just because each piece tells a different story, unrepeatable by anyone else. This is what turns a luxury jewel into an exclusive style icon; designed to charm, moulded to last.
The only common denominator shared by all the spurs created is the special U Black alloy, specifically patented to guarantee, together with sophistication and beauty, resistance and durability over time.
With Unico, U Black offers the possibility to wear one’s spurs as an authentic precious jewel. Which means to bring the equestrian fashion and lifestyle world back to its origins. To an ancient past in which spurs were not just a technical instrument but first and foremost a symbol of distinction and belonging to an elite; an exclusive one, of excellence, in case of golden spurs.
The magic of Unico is therefore born in history, making us feel part of an ancient and prestigious dream. This experience, however, is reserved only for those who dare. Who have the audacity to get into the most absolute black, that of U Black, which asks to be open to an aesthetic made of pure emotions and thus overwhelming. Which also means discovering the powerful mystery of pure black, where the contrasting and totalising sensations evoked by the dichotomous spirit of horseback riding is concealed: elegance and solidity, refinement and strength, tenacity and harmony.

About U Black

U Black is an Italian manufacturing business born in Vicenza, in the North of the country, thanks to the love for horses and style of its founder, Lorella Casalatina. U black is a way of life, it is a unique experience. Pure black is the fil rouge of all of the collections which include accessories for the horse – blankets, saddle pads, bonnets, saddle covers, stirrup covers and bandages and for the rider – and spurs for the rider.

The first collection, launched online in 2016, was born with the goal of expressing the pleasure of an emotion that comes through a product, the pleasure of wearing a pure and indomitable emotion. It is passion: passion for horse riding, but also for the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

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