VASHI.COM Launches TV Advert For The First Time


Luxury online diamond jewellery brand,, continue their international expansion with a view to becoming a worldwide jewellers in the not so distant future. In June this year, their first ever TV commercial launched in the UK, bringing the brand to a wider audience than ever before. Commercial - Vashi Dominguez inspecting diamonds
Jeweller to the stars and Founder of, CEO Vashi Dominguez told us a little more about the advert and world of Vashi “I love black and white films so along with our creative teams and the production company, we ran with this and studied film noir cinema for inspiration. The result is a very romantic, moody, monochrome short film. It fits the brand’s focus on diamond history, craftsmanship and quality control.” Commercial - Vashi Dominguez inspecting diamonds
Dominguez can be seen as the advert begins carefully studying the diamond jewels in his office. Proudly rejecting nine out of every ten gemstones, the advertisement’s slogan, “in fact it’s because we say no, they say yes”, plays with this to great effect. Vashi handpicks diamonds for their fire, brilliance and sparkle (as well as the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat).

“in fact it’s because we say no, they say yes”

After this initial selection, a goldsmith (played by Alex Walker) is filmed in the fascinating workshop, using a vivid time lapse that shows him mounting and polishing the diamond into a breath-taking engagement ring. The commercial is a journey between dreams and reality and proves the true craftsmanship invested into creating exceptional, bespoke engagement rings. Commercial - Goldsmith in the workshop 2
What sets the advert apart from other love stories is that it’s cleverly shot from the angle of the diamond – the audience enjoys jaunty angles and jolty movements as the diamond travels from workshop to woman’s hands. An expectant man in love (theatre star Ben Anthony) proposes to his intended (actress Fiona Ryan, known for her work in Life Just Is, Airborne and The Tudors) and she accepts, crying tears of joy. The glistening jewel is admired in a penultimate screenshot directing potential customers to the brand’s website.

Vashi Dominguez added: “To keep with the elegant aesthetic, it took a long time to decide on the final soundtrack. In the end, we found Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Night and Day’ from 1956, which was perfect – it plays throughout and adds to the excitement and anticipation. We also selected English actor Sean Pertwee to lend his famous voice to the commercial.” Commercial - We say no so they say yes
The collection features exquisite diamonds and exuberant gemstones from engagement rings and wedding bands to earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

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