Verona, a jewel for Juliet


A diamond solitaire ring by Coccopalmeri at Capuleti’s house.

Love inspires exceptional jewels. It’s true! Italian Maestro Coccopalmeri created a masterpiece of goldsmith’s art and he presented it on the world’s most famous balcony. The event was organized by Verona Film Commission and the City of Verona.

This ring is a symbol of eternal love. It is a solitaire ring: the purest, essential and immediate pledge of love, as well as the love of Romeo and Juliet. Its name is “Insolitario di Giulietta” and it is a pun: “insolito” means “unusual” and “solitario” means “solitaire”. Here’s the unusual solitaire. And the beauty of this jewel reflects the beauty of Verona.

The host committee was formed by specific members of the City Council, the Museum Direction and the Verona Film Commission. Cllr. Dr. Antonia Pavesi said

“This jewel is mild and symbolic, in harmony with Juliet’s tender age”.

Coccopalmeri said

“When a man gives a solitaire to his beloved woman, he is giving her his heart. And I made an essential heart, so that everyday the woman can see the heart of her man”.

“Thanks to the City of Verona and Verona Film Commission for this important collaboration that led us into one of the most beautiful places in the world, the place of love”.

The centuries pass, but love keeps inspiring artists and writers in every age.

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